CCM or Critical Chain Method

Respected Pawarji Sir,


Please forgive me for suggesting the name of a book to a scholarly and man-of-letters like yourself, respected Pawarji Sir. Apologies beforehand.


I just completed reading a book CCM or Critical Chain Method by the famous theorist Goldratt.


I am sure you must have read it by now and just in case you have not, you may explore the possibility of reading it. The book would definitely open few unknown quarters on the way to handle time on any project. And then, if time permits, you may send your review on the book to lesser people like me.


I have just picked a book on Procurement Management now.  Respected Pawarji Sir, I have taken a cue from your way of thinking and that is, if you want to do something do it the best or else do not do it at all. Thanks for opening my eyes respected Pawarji Sir!!!


Warmly, KK :) :) :)