Cause and Effect Diagram is also known as:

  1. Fish Diagram

  2. WHYHOW WHYHOW Diagram

  3. ISHIKAWA Diagram

  4. ALL Above

Respected Pawarji Sire,


Its Ishikawa Diagram or Fishbone Diagram.


Warmly, KK...

4 should be the answer.

I think that the right answer is 3 

I guess It's Ishikawa. What's the right answer please?



I know it is very simple question, but just for making light the heavy envionment , I pushed it to all.

Its little tricky rather funny.

Sometimes this is called psychometric test or apptitude test.

Anyway its my personal observation - not an auhentic -

FISHBONE diagram is correct  - FISHdiagram is incorrect.


Tussi bade mazakiya ho respected Pawarji Sir....

I think the right answer is fish diagram option # 1. Maybe I am not right but I feel that this is the right answer. Please post the correct answer in your essay to go services next post. Will wait for the next post. Please post as soon as possible.