Career Dilemma with PMP - Need help

Hallo to everyone,

I live and work in Oman (Middle East). I am from India (Chennai).

I am currently working a very large organization in Oman for around 18+ years in different progressive career profiles such as Administration, Project Management and Business Development.

The company is a US$1Bn+ in a diversified business interest under it 40 indipendent business units. I work in Business Development which is the custodian and implementation arm of the Corporate Strategic direction and assist in identifying new business opportunites for both existing SBUs and new designated target markets. 

My current designation is Project Lead in Business Development Department with direct experience of 5 years in Business Development related project deliverables.

While I am in BD, I have recently completed my PMP in order to engage myself in a Professional Project Management Role. While I was trying to pursue my career to PM role, unfortunately, all the PM requirements (in this part of world) requires Engineering background like engineering experience in IT, Construction or Oil Field.I don't have an Engineering Qualification.

My qulification is B.Sc, MBA + PMP with Business Development and Strategic Department work exposure.

What kind of job that I need to pursue for my further career growth, keeping Project Management as my role (is it Consultancy, Program Manager, PM for Strategy or some suggestion please).

I am expecting an upgrade as Sector Manager (related to Business Development role). Is this role has bigger scope than PM?

Can someone help me to give the best practice advice.

I appreciate your time and advice in advance.

Regards, Hari


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Hi Hari

Moving up the value chain will definitely give you more exposure and experience. Once you start managing multiple projects or Large programs, you will get much wider perspective of things. Even better would be to move up and manage Accounts, departments , regions and so on. This does not mean that you have to be hands off from project management. There will be some critical projects which you must focus and review , intervene on regular basis. These are my views from what you have described above. Finally you are the best judge looking at your working conditions and personal constraints