Can't Score Better in PMP Mock test

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 I had studied PMBOK (1time), Rita (1 time) & ESI handbook (1time) ....score chapterwise exam around 65-75%....

but cant score better in PMSTUDY / PMFast Tract /Christoper Scordo ...scored around 60%...

what should i do now? please share a complete way forward from now on considering i am going to sit for exam within 1 month.


Practice more questions, practice will make you perfect. What you have said, applies to every person during initial days. As you practice PMP type questions more you will see 70% or beyond result. Try reading and understanding PMBOK for your weak areas.

Saket, PMP

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When I will understand im prepare to sit for exam....?

Funny question so funny answer – How would I know?

Understand, no one can explain you music, you can only enjoy when you hear it. Confidence is similar, you need to build within yourself, I cannot tell you. You have to explore yourself and trust yourself. I have already given you million dollar tips (in realty, generic tip), i.e. practice lots of PMP questions. When you practice a lot, the 70% mark and confidence would automatically come.

Saket, PMP

I cant offer any suggestion since I have been a failure myself. However, let us wait what the saviour (SS or Saket Sir) has to say.


I shall also be willing to see his post on it since I am on the same boat as you are.


Do one thing, try the 50 free questions on and let us see how the ball rolls. That would also give you a good idea where do you stand and, moreover, its free. I scored 24/50 in it.


We will wait for your post.


Warmly, KK....

OK, the saviour already replied.


Your score is ~60% it means the failure score is ~40%.

I would suggest you to  drill down into the 40% failures, identify what PG,KA you are scoring less, further try to find out whether its ITTO's, Numericals, or Situational questions taking toll on the score. The drill down analysis, on questions you are getting wrong could lead you to the next action items and action plan.

Since you have already come so far so just maintain the same acceleration or increase it little further to give final push.

All the best!

- Makarand, PMP




Yes, Makarandh does make very strong and legitimate points. He is suggesting you do self-actualisation and assess which areas are you lacking and also your strong points. This is an area where no Makarandhs, Sakets, admins or KKs of the world can help you. You have already covered a long distance! Do self-worth study and stress where you think little more input would do a world of good. All the best, KK...

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 lossing confidence day by day...

Hi  Faisaliiuc,


What purpose would your losing confidence serve? Why do not you guide us!


I remember what SS had categorically told in one of the threads few days back, it is just an exam. Even PMI wants good people to get the certification. There is no point in losing the steam or confidence.


Do not do that. At the end, you will have only you to blame and noone else. Keep on studying and bridge the knowledge areas and be confident.


How much more time you have? I think its 3 more months. Thats a big time dude.


You will do well. Dont lose confidence. You will rock! InshaAllah.


Warmly, KK.....

Every successful person has a painful story.

Every painful story has a successful ending

Accept the pain, bounce back and get ready for your success!

Though PMI gives second chance but life doesn't as time doesn't stop. Tell yourself its now or never, and you may notice a change in approch and attitude toward the goal.


Taking liberty to share a small real life story here from Cricketing world

In 2006, Australia has made a world record 434/4 against South Africa. The immediate reaction for SA would have been sit in a dressing room with a drooping heads and hope that day would end quickly and South African players wouldn’t look like fools.   Instead one of the senior team member, Jak Kallis, suggested that given the weather outside and pitch conditions a score of about 450 was par and that Australia were probably 15 runs short. It broke the ice and cleared the feeling of despondency in the dressing room and set the mood for historic chase and subsequent win. The comment didn’t win the game, but it merely created the atmosphere in which the run chase could be mounted. (Credits : The Winning Way)

- Makarand, PMP

Gradually, I am able to unravel what was the reason for Makarand's success in getting PMP.


I just discovered one!!!

The book, 'The Winning Way', is written by the famous TV commentator for cricket and his better half, Harsha Bhogle and Anita Bhogle.


The book would help many to answer few questions on leadership, team building, man-management etc. Its an excellent read. I read it 4 months back. Now, that the name of the book comes back again from a successful person, Makarand, am thinking of browsing the book again though I aint sure if Makarand ever went through the book or no for PMP purpose. It is a very good book, nonetheless.


Warmly, KK....