Can I prepare only with Rita Mulcahy

 I want to appear in the exam before end of Jul '13, so that I can take the exam on PMBOK 4.

Considering that I will be able to block exam at around 15-Jul, I have somewhere around 7 weeks in hand.

I started preparing for the exam some 5/6 weeks back and till now I have read 10 chapters from Rita. I can score between 73 to 85% on the excercise questions at the end of each chapter.

I have NOT read PMBOK.

I know, most of the people advise to go through PMBOK. But I feel that I dont have much time available to -

1. Read PMBOK

2. Practice multiple exams

3. Take 2/3 mock tests

4. Fix the gap area after those exams and tests

5. Retake few more tests


My plan is to complete the remaining chapters of Rita and then go for point nos. 2,3, 4 and 5.


Can you guys approve this plan ? Or suggest some other plan considering the lmited time ?



 in my opinion...NO, You must read Pmbok..

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I have not read PMBOK or taken mocks. My exam is next week.

Rita (minus the Rita's Chart) is GOLD for this exam!

I am anxious to know your result. 

I would wait to know about your experience.

Best of luck.

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Hope you guys are rooting for me and not writing me off as a failed candidate :-/

Of course !

Because we want to follow your steps :)

cannot agree more :). Best of luck.

best of luck mate. I cannot agree more.

No need reading PMBOK.Rita is fine .

 all the best !!!


I am also on borad  behind you 

Rita is among the best PMP books, I am with you here. But, as per my experience, journey and knowledge, PMI would keep PMBOK with them while framing PMP questions and no other books. My PMP exam experience do conclude the same i.e. PMBOK is bible and every line from PMBOK can be a potential PMP questions. Please take a call on this and plan accordingly.

Yes, take mock test from multiple sources and not just one or two, I would recommend - PMStudy. Rita-FT, Pmpforsure, PmZilla and Oliver.

Best of luck.

~ Sanjay, PMP

I am in more or less very similar situation and I was initially reading parallely the PMBOK guide "the bible" as they say it. I also wanted to read Kim's book but unfortunately i do not have enough time as targetting to complete the test before July 31st.  I am hoping to take the test by the end of June. However, just like many others, due to so many things going on work wise and personally, i am also mostly going to do just Rita and some mock tests.

I however do have prepcast audio/video podcasts which are very very handy and useful, i bought them to satisfy the 35 hours criteria.

My study plan is 3-4 hrs everyday after work 1 chapter each day (14 chapters - 2 weeks), good 8 hours on each day of the weekend from now on. Also, aim to take test after each chapter to consolidate the chapter and not move on until i have cleared and clarified all my gaps in that particular area. Doing all of this should give me roughly 30-35 hours each week of study time.

After two weeks of completing Rita's book, plan is to attempt free tests online and address the gaps accordingly.

I would appreciate if someone can advise suggest any tweaks for the same. BTW I am not memorising Rita's process chart :)

I wish you all the best and hope we all get through this exam.


I am going to memorise Rita's process chart only for Planning because the sequence is important there.

I have not memorised yet but have the understanding of the sequence. But I agree the importance it has.