Can I make it - Exam on 30th Aug and Last slot 6 PM?

Hi All,


I have read the Rita Book twice and PMBOK once.

I attempted the first mock test today. 

1. PMZilla (25Q) - 54%

2. PMStudy Test 1 - 66%


I have exam scheduled for coming Aug 30th. Can I make it? Pls. provide your suggestion.




Dear Mr Gobinathan:


I am sure you can. I am also slated for 08/30 in Calcutta, India!


So far I am yet to cross the dreaded 70% mark in any of the test that I have appeared so far (200Qs). However, SEVERAL  questions are wrongly answered by me since there is a lapse in reading the question and its options well. I am working on it. Lets see how the ball rolls!


All the very very best to both of us!




 Thanks for the reply. It should be the party day for both of us. Let's see 

Same situation here

August 30th 5:30 PM, Kolkata (which center I've not checked yet).

Till last week was stuck in the 70% to 80% scoring ranges (although HeadFirst's mock test gave me 85%, but then are very easy questions).

Rita Mulcahy's chapter end tests are a sort of benchmak by many, so I went for it.

This is what you guys should do (a) Read a PMBOK chapter in detail, take notes if you wish (b) Follow up with the corresponding chapter in the Rita's book (c) Attempt the chapter end test.

I'm scoring 85%+. As an exception, my score was 68% in integration management, I realized belatedly that integration management is best taken up once done with other knowledge areas.

Took the ITTO tests from Brainbok. 161/200. Actually got tired at the 200 mark. Most of the ITTO's are intitutive, so don't waste your time on that.

Oliver lehmann 75 questions 70%.

Had corporate sponsored PMP contact program from QAI, so I also have their 5 sets for mock tests. They say 80% + means you are ready. I was already in 77-78 range last week, so I'm hoping the scores will go up after this round of study.

Yet to take a PMStudy test.


There is just one Prometric Test Center in Calcutta:


2/5: Sarat Bose Road: Sukh Sagar Blding: Cal-20.


So we hope to rub our shoulders there :)


All the best now to BOTH OF US !!!




 I got 1 % increse for the day. Now 67% from 66%


Have to do more work now, I am taking leave from my company from thrsday. Should be fine to cover atleast to reach the 80% levels.


Any advise would be appreciated.

Dear Shri Gobinath:


What else than to say, keep on studying Rita and solving questions, questions, questions and when you get tired lie down and read.


We are in the same boat. Mine would sink, however, all the VERRY VERRRRY BEST to you Sir!




wow! we are in the same bracket brother; PMStudy1-66, PMStudy-66, PMStudy3-70, PMSTudy4-70. Very strange scores I've been getting. And my exam is on friday....

Guess we need to work harder!

May God help us all.

my exam is schedule on 30th

here are my scores

PmStudy1 66 %

PMStudy2 68 % 200 question 74 % (very imp)

from all rect exam takers one is common more question on Risk and HR

read PMBOK on weak areas and read rajesh and sridhar notes

hope this helps


I just cleared my pmp exam

30 minutes back, my suggestion is read the pmbok word to word and understand each and every process. Dont need to concentrate too much in knowing the tools and techniques.

I had a lot of questions on formulas




The exam is not easy, its very tough and Rita book does not help.

I read Rita and it only confuses, i also had done Rita question bank.

The only thing which helped me was PMBOK.


I hope this helps.


Hi All,


We all seems to be in the same level, same target. All pray one each other as well to pass the exam.


Keep me posted about your progress.




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Guys, lets work on the weaker areas for the upcoming days. Don't ever think it's too late - you still have a huge 120 hours left till the D-Day but realistically about 40% of that capacity! Think of it positively!

 Same line as you said.

Hi All,

I spent around  a day before taking up the PMStudy 3 exam and the score is now 72% (Last one were 66% in PMStudy 1 & 2).

Will spent another a day and attempt for PMStudy 4. Having a target to exceed more than 75%.

Let see...


Thanks all, 


Its considerable  improvement Gobinath, Since I had also faced same problem while preparing for the exam, I was scoring in the range of 65-70% in mock test. I would suggest , Please spend some more time on reading PMBOK before giving PMStudy 4th mock test and trying making your own notes if possible as time remaining is very less.

Based on your notes, prepared after reading PMBOK please give your 4th try and  I am sure you will score above 75% .

I am emphasising on making your notes as we all are aware that we can get ready prepared notes of Rajesh which is awesome but while preparing our own notes most of the concept automatically get embedded to our mind and we can recollect it easily during exam.

See if you can manage time and make short notes after reading PMBOK, By reading these notes you may not have to read PMBOK again and based on your notes try giving any mock test and see the +ve diffrence in your score. And you can apply the same for your final exam this will also automatically help you to prepare your  Dump notes for your exam.




I think this score are good enough..but my suggestion is try to find out gaps in the appeared exam and try to improve on those weak areas.

I am sure you will make it.

Take some difficult exams as well...!!!





Hi Dudes,


How you all doing the preparation? Let me know the progress. Clock is ticking.




Now, I have close to 74% in PMStudy.


Clock has finally reached which we (30.8 seekers) have been dreading.


How about you Sir? How are you doing in Tests now?

 Studying PMBOK last time and going though Rajesh nair notes parallel.

Revised all 600 questions from all 3 tests and understand where I went wrong.

Planning to take the 4th test tomorrow morning. What time is your exam on 30th?

We dont have enough time cancel the exam thoguh, its all over, now game started.




Dear Shri Gobinathan:


My exam is at 5.30PM in Calcutta. Spoke with the incharge of Prometric yesterday and she said I can start at 3 or 4, as my wish. Talk of Discretionary dependency :)

The only thing which worries me is that I have not touched PMBOK which holds the key to the test. I just got my confirmation for the exam from PMI, so postponement is simply out of question, however, we always wanted to face the music on or before 30.8.

Last but not the least, if I was going 80% in the tests then I would have been much more confident than what I am now.


Its almost 48 hours before we know if our boat floated or sunk :)




Yes, its a done deal.

The 48 hour deadline "phase exit" milestone arrived and passed.

So, it will be 30.08.2011 come hell or high waters.

Good luck to everyone of us.