Can anyone help ? - Required Guidance to be PMP Certified - my Dream !

Hello Everyone,

​This is cheem from Dubai, last year due to some reason i couldnt get thru for PMP certificate, i waited for year and now i am back to persue my dream. I want to earn PMP certificate for this i need proper guidance and assistance, may you be kind enough ? i hope i can write in words how passionate i am and how big it would be for me to be PMP certified, after all eligibility criteria, I have scheduled my exam in Mid August, 2017.

​May i get assistance on :

​- Do we have any change in Exam formate ?
​- which books are must must must to review, read and practice ?

- Stimulators and question banks, suggested website ?
​- what should i do ? how do i plan my study chart ?

​i was failure last year but this time i dont want to be, yes i have learnt enough and i am optimistic thats why i am back to have my dream come true, 5i will be thankfull to you and everyone here for the guidance and helping to me to reach my Dream, this is my challenge to myself to earn PMP certificate this year and hopefully if God wills, in upcoming exam day.

​i am ready to do anything, which you all may guide, hope to have everyones precious feedback and suggestions.

​looking forward for cooperation and support.




Hi Cheem,

There was a minor addition of few new tasks in January 2016 and since then the exam is the same. Make sure you read again PMBOK and any one reference books (Rita or Headfirst). Take ample good quality mock tests from - PMZest, PMZilla, Oliver, PMStudy, iZenBridge etc. If you are not confident, look for a mentor to assist you. You may check with the providers I mentioned for the same. That's all you need to do now.

All the best.

Rohit, PMP

Hi Cheem,

Sorry to know that you did not pass the PMP exam last year. Hopefully you will pass this time.

The exam format remains same and there is no major change in the type of questions either.

My suggestion for you would be to "keep it simple". I would highly suggest to keep your preparation simple and focussed. Don't read too many books. That makes things more confusing. It's a common saying that you need to wear the PMI hat to pass the PMP exam. Since PMP exam is based on PMBOK, all you need to read is this book. Read PMBOK thoroughly (cover to cover) as you need to answer all questions from PMBOK perspective. Read it again. You can also read Rita's book to get additional understanding. Do not read any more books.

For additional prepration, take a high quality online course or classroom course and take lots of mock tests time to time. If you take some mock tests now (which provides detailed break up of your result), you will get an understading where you stand now. That will help you to identify your weak areas so that you can focus more effort there. Weeks before the exam take more mock/simulated tests to understand whether you have prepared well and push for the final lag of preparation. Sleep well the night before the exam and be relaxed during the exam.

In terms of online course, I would highly suggest PMstudy PMP online course through their partner Encertify. PMstudy online course is rated as best for more than a decade and their Simulated Tests are second to none. Every PMP aspirant takes these tests. You will get good discount when you purchase the PMstudy PMP course from Encertify.

If you want to attend a classroom boot camp in your place, attend training only from a reputed provider with good reviews.

All the best for your PMP exam in August.

Always make sure that you have the guides ready. - Steven C Wyer