brain dump At the Exam - What to write ?


Regarding The brain dump at the exam.

Any recommendations on what to write ?

-What Else ?

**I understand I can write whatever I feel but, for those who passed PMP, what was really usefull for the Exam ?


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Anything you feel difficult to remember you can dump in first 5 to 10 mins.

Hi ,

I dump only the formula.

Most of the recommendations are Formula and Process table in PMBOK 61 page OR Rita's Process chart.

But in my case i am really confident about the process table in PMBOK by going through it daily. So i no need to dump it. It will take long time to dump it so just memorize it in and out.

I feel that Rita's chart is to understand not to memorize and dump it. Process table is enough, but understand what Rita's chart is saying.


Brain dump can be anything you find useful in solving questions during exam. PMBOK process chart is a popular recommendation, because it will help to fit the questions into PMBOK perspective.

Then comes the formulae. Jotting down formulae will ensure that 'avoidable' mistakes don't happen during rush of the exam.

apart from this, you may choose to dump anything you may feel appropriator for your comfort levels during exam.

I recommend brain dump is absolutely a MUST to do before you start exam. This will help you keep your thought process in motion and set your brain into exam mode. It worked for me !