Big day.. Passed the exam today!!! yaaaayyyy!!! :) :) :)

Hello fellow aspirants and PMs,

Cleared the exam today. What a sense of relief!!!! Cleared with 3MP in Initiating, Planning, Executing & Closing, 1BP in M&C.

It was really tough to crack and thought am gonna burn a hole today but God was by my side :)

Now, the lessons learnt: 

Books: Head first 95% and PMBOK 5%
Time taken for preparation: 2 months of intense preparation

Read headfirst twice and did not read PMBOK but glanced it once to cover up for what was missing in headfirst. Headfirst really helped me in understanding the concepts.

Now off to enjoy some good music :)

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Congratulations and i can understand how you feel. :)


Thanks for posting here.