Best way to learn ITTO

Hi All,

I have started preparing for PMP and my exam in on April. Can anyone please recommend some good tips to rememeber ITTO please..

Thanks in Advance!



I don't think that you need to 'remember' ITTO. Rather understanding them and knowing when to use them  should suffice. 

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Understand why a particular input is required for the process, why a particular output is generated from the process.  Understand each T&T for the process, why is it required, what are the usages and who is it different from other related T&T.  This would help you applying logic while answering questions.

Do ITTO mock questions which would help you retain the knowledge and practicing to recall it during the exam.

If you have the bandwidth and inclination, practice writing them down every morning in 'short hand'. It'll eat up 20-30 min of your time every day, but is surely worth it.

I had learned up all ITTOs that way during my preps and I attribute a large part of my success to it. But then again people have different ways of doing the same thing. Take your pic!

~ Diba

Thanks all for your suggestions.. i will try to understand them in more detail.. i think PMP is not that easy as i thought.. :)

 Remembering ITTOS

A very classic tip given by brother Diba ~perfect-5ps.

likeway there are many memory techniques.

In my case I usually had to travel a hour of journey daily to reach my work place and to come back.

I kept those days a word format itto list, in my wide screen mobile and I roll down it and recite it sequencially.

Another technique:

Mnemonics---- short forms -- abbriviations 

while reciting - those ITTOS I develop my own mnemonicrs for All Tools & Techniques  --- that is uploaded here in PMZILLA main page - pmp materials. T&T.xlsx

FOR example if I ask :

What is PMBOK and How it is pronounced.

Perhaps you will not think that  it  will be mnimonics also.

PMBOK = is pronounced as PI M BOK

So it is a way of remembering the long perodies.