Best study guide to complement PMBOK 5th edition ?

 Hello Pmzillaites, 

 I am new to this forum and was hoping someone can guide me in finailizing a comprehensive study guide for PMP preparation. I have read through other threads and found Rita, Andy to be popular choices but no one has commented over Achieve PMP Exam success by Diane and Janice. This is the first choice in PMI marketplace page, surprsingly it is missing Rita's 8 infact any edition which is targeted for PMBOK5. 

Achieve PMP comes with a 1300 practice online questions, which allows the end user to simulate the real 200 exam ques. the reviews on amazon are great but limited. Is this a new resource ? Has anyone tried it before.

I am inclined to buy this as a supplementry study guide, any inputs or guidance is much appreciated.





I cannot comment on these books, as among what you mentioned, I only tried Rita. She's a great talker and knew the stuff really well. If she's still alive today, I would prefer to have her in the classroom as my teacher. But for exam purpose, probably in the end I cannot remember much (her process chart is different from PMBOK).

You can try an e-book "PMP Guaranteed" if you like. Go to Amazon and do a search. I used it to go through new PMBOK. Yes, I am happy to say I passed just last week.

1300 Questions seem a lot to me. I cannot imagine myself having that kind of time. But everyone's situation is different. You be the judge.

Good luck anyway.

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Take different mock tests from reputed sources. Don't go by the number of questions. If you take 7 mock tests from different sources you have already gone through 1400 Qs.  Quality is more important than quantity. if you take 1300 questions from same source, you may not see a different flavor which may be required for PMP exam.

For eg: PMZilla Questions have got a very different tone and flavor which is absolutely required for PMP exam and people are much more confident to take on real test . Likewise there will be other sources too.

Thank you both for replying. I have decided to buy Rita 8th edition and will surely get PMzilla 200 q's when I am ready. Great forum.