Best PMP trainer in chennai


I am planning to take the PMP exam and would like to know the best PMP training institute in chennai.

Would appreciate if this is based on personal experience



Karthik – I am from one of the metro city of India like Chennai but not from Chennai. As a PMP instructor here is what I advice you:

1. Most of the bigger bands would give you 35 hours of PDU in just 2 days workshop. Avoid them. Look for the one who conducts workshop in 4 days. The more you interact face-to-face the better exposure I see you will get.
2. Ask for the instructor profile instead of looking on brand name. Brand does not teach, it’s the instructor who teaches. Always make sure, its REP (Registered Education Provider)
3. Most the bigger bands REP’s would advice you to appear for PMP in just about a month. Again, don’t go by any such formula. Put ample time in PMP preparations and make sure you are comfortable with good mock test securing 70% or more. I generally advice my students to prepare for 3 months with patience.

That’s all I have for you, take your own call and all the best for the PMP preparations.


 Thanks Saket. The advice was  very helpful

I noticed that the PMI chennai chapted conductd training on a 4 day plan.

Do you have any idea on this? Would it be a good plan?

Also how to check for the instructor profile? they just provide the instrcutors name...

how to check for his teaching skills?


karthik21 – It’s a very tough task. You know why? Because you will have to draft an email saying – “Please send me details about the instructor and his/her profile and the dates when you have planned for PMP workshop”.

Joke’s apart now, just drop a similar email (use better language than I used), they would respond you. All institute keeps handy well printed soft copies of instructor profiles, they would send you. As I said, institute name is virtual, whether its X or Y or Z, it does not matter to me. End of day, it’s the instructor who would take the training and workshop. Judge the instructor profile and decide your workshop.

Simple now?

Before you attend the workshop, make sure you read Rita or Kim Heldman once. Don’t read very seriously, even if you can grasp say 10%, the workshop effectiveness would be double.

 Thanks Saket again for your advice. This definitely guides!!

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