Best PMP questions

I guess this topic has been discussed a zillion times but just wanted to have a set that matches my criteria.

As everyone else, I would like to attempt 2000-3000 questions before taking the exam. However, I see a list of 6000 questions in a lot of blogs. On going through many of these forums and questions, I see either the answers are wrong, the questions are poorly constructed, or the questions are not in line with the PMP exam (I call these questions the brain-teaser questions). My humble opinion is that these "brain teasers", instead of really making someone focus and prepared for the exam, demotivates one. The irony is that for many of these brain teaser questions the answers are completely wrong. I am sure that many people on this blog agree with me.

So, I would appreciate if people who have passed the PMP exam recommend questions which have the same style or in line with the actual exam. For example, a lot of people have mentioned that questions come closest to the PMP exam and this means that we have "quality" 800 questions to practice under our belt.

If someone could recommend other sites on the same lines as, that would be really appreciated.


I think the best approach is to strop worrying about testing questions, and worry about leanring information. I wouldnt want my doctor to pass his medical boards just because he took a million questions, would you?


Pinnacle 3 Learning,( ) and a few others, offer GUARANTEED Success on the PMP Certification Exam if you take their class. this means they  HAVE TO MAKE SURE you have learned the material and are able to pass the exam.