Best free exam practise (examcentral)


Just want to share with you that I use to prepare for the exam. This is a great source one because it is free, second because it give a full access to almost 1000 mock questions, flash card and dictionary. This exam almost close to the real exam and could help you to build confidence in doing exam.  If you score above 80% with more than twice using this practise exam, means you are ready.

Good luck.

You can try free questions from this site as well.

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Seems like self promotion to me.. Guys use it at your own risk, unless someone here can confirm the quality of questions.

Just tried few features of it, and it seems to be very nice.

I also used this database.  I thought it was pretty good.  I dont think there are too many question banks out there that truly prepare you for the exam, its a tough test, but the answers and incorrect answers for examcentral at least gave you a reference to go to if you wanted to check.  Some of the questions were cheap shots about exact wording of a phrase and the "best" answer was the one that matched it exactly....weak test question in my opinion, but it was a good database to use due to large question, its free!!!! 

 thanks, looks interesting!

Nothing compares to Rita's PM Fastrack test questions.  Exam Central is too easy.

Though the questions seem to be easy.The flash cards helps in the prep. I used the site for my practice tests before the exam.