Best answers don't seem to be the "best"

At this point I've read and written 36 pgs of notes from the PMBOK, have the Rita book on the way, and will start my study hours on PMStudy soon.  I've also started looking at some free practice exams and have been horribly disheartened at what I see. 

I can accept that I'm getting a lot of incorrect answers based on my phase of study, but even after researching incorrect answers and further considerations, I still disagree with many of the so called "correct" or "best" answers.  Many questions give very incomplete information about scenarios and options that could be correct depending on how you imagine the undefine details.  While there may be some support for the "correct" answers I can also find support for my "incorrect" answers.

True correctness aside, what is the best way to think like the authors of the test and derive what they think the "best" answer should be? 

 While there are some questions that you can disagree with the answer, I believe you will feel differently once you get deeper into your studies. My advice would be to adopt PMBOK mentality and forget about how you conduct business in your day to day life. 


There re is an popular saying that you have to wear your PMI hat 

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 Discuss your questions here.... and have a look at existing discussions... it will help in developing the tought process for PMP exam.

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 One more point... on net we have so many practice questions and many questions are not aligned with the exam and sometime even from PMBOK.... so be selective is selecting yout Mock exam source

Thank you for your remarks.  At the moment I plan to do the PMStudy mock exams plus various freebies.  I see lotsa opinions on good mock exams.  What is your opinion on which one rank the best?  I may do one other set of paid mocks depending how it goes.

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My recommendation... do questions from Rita's Book and finish Cristopher Scordo from PMI Elearning (no seperate fee once you are member) ...  doing more that this may just delay your PMP certification ....

Once you are done with it, pick some full length test for developing endurance. 

and check some of our free (4 hr + ) PMP Videos at