Being a Project Manager in an IT project


Being a project manager in an IT venture such as software development needs real skills and a lot of knowledge concerning project managment. Aside from that, a PM in this type of project needs to have a lot experience as a system analyst. The first thing that PM in an IT project needs to define is the methodology to use e.g. agile, rad and the water fall methodology. 
Methodology used will serve the guide as to how to plan, analyze, design and code the application. Communication between the project sponsor, the project developers as well as the software user must be well planned. It is easy to assume that the system user are employees of the project sponsor hence they are busy with their daily job. Acquiring the needed data from them will be such a great task. It is the PM's responsibility to explain the methodology to the users so that they will allot the time needed to get the data for the software.
Creating progress reports for the project sponsor needs to have a well define milestones in the project plan. This is where the PM will gauge his/her report as to how develop the project is. There are also alloted time for the software feature testing. If a software feature does not meet the system's requirements, adjustments must be made and another schedule for its testing must be done.
All of these task are under the supervision of a Project Manager. That is why, being a PM in this kind of venture needs to understand how a system works and how it is being developed.