Bachelor's Degree Requirement for PMP

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Just wanted to ask a question that was bothering me. Not quite sure if this is the right place to put it. I asked the same question to PMI and did not get a proper reply back from them, so here goes,

I am an IT professional with about 3 years of experience. I have recently joined a Project coordinators role in an IT company. I have only completed my year 12 and never moved on to UNI for bachelors degree. So, currently I am preparing for my CAPM exam, which I know I am eligible for as I have completed an online course from one of the REPs.

What I plan to do, is to clear the CAPM, by December this year (fingers crossed), and then take up a bachelors degree from one of the local universities here in Melbourne, Australia. I am thinking University of Melbourne, etc. and most likely an IT or a business degree. However since I am working, I can only undertake a distance education bachelors degree, which the university reckons has the same standing as a normal full-time degree.

What I wanted to know is if I plan to give my PMP after 3 years of Project Management experience and with a bachelors degree earned using distance education, will this work or would PMI not consider this degree to be valid and ask for 5 years of experince.

Any answers would be highly appreciated, as in order to start the bachelors degree next year, I need to put in an application in the next couple of weeks and also dont want to end up wasting money on a degree if it is not going to save me 2 years and not be considered by PMI as a standard bachelors degree.

Note: the university that I plan to do it from is a nationally recognized university and one of the best in Australia. So, I am not really going for a cheap option, but am however trying to save some time.





If you earn your bachelor's degree by an Australian nationally recognized university, you will fulfill the degree requirement from PMI. It doesn't matter if you earn your bachelor's degree on a distance-learning program if the distance-learning program is authorized as the degree program by the university and the university treats this degree equivalent to the regular bachelor degree they offer.


I hope this answers your question.




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IT proficient with around 3 years of experience. I have as of late joined a Project facilitators part in an IT organization. I have just finished my year 12 and never proceeded onward to UNI for lone wolves degree. Thus, as of now I am get ready for my CAPM exam, which I know I am qualified for as I have finished an online course from one of the REPs Dissertatin Writing UK.

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You are absolutely correct. Being expert writer at The Academic Papers, I feel that bachelor degree requirement for PMP should be ended.

A bachlore Degree is Required for PMP Certification eventhough you have working experience. As per the rules and regulations of PMP Certification from PMI 

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