August 20 is the DDay ...

And I have to pass on my first try...Studying on my own.This forum keeps me motivated ,Thanks for all the posts.The lessons learnt are  are a great motivation

August 20th is also my DDay as I plan on sitting for the PMP here in the Seattle, WA (USA) area.

I have been using the PMBOK, Rita book, and Andy Crowe's book as well as this wonderful forum to prepare.

I am working on my 3rd pass through the Rita book as I do feel it is the best and am continuing to refine my notes and do mock exams.

I have used PMSTUDY mock exams once only as the free one is constantly being used and the 100 free slots are taken up very quickly. Additionally, after reviewing some of the answers from the PMSTUDY free exam and finding some that are incorrect in my opinion ( for example listing Present Value instead of Planned Value), I am likely to stay away from their product.

I have Rita's fasttrack software that I was able to find in a torrent search and download it and use it  as the software a friend lent me that he had of Fasttrack only allowed for two installs before it no longer lets you use the software - what a ripoff !!

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Lol...Good Luck!!! Whats your email add?


Thanks for the response.I am doing mine in Houston,TX.I actually landed on this forum while trying to google for PMP study groups in Houston.I do better discussing with others.Haven't found one yet but this forum has helped me much so far.I am using PMBOK and Rita's book hard copy and abridged CD version of the book.SO when am driving ,at work or doing my chores instead of my usual Pandora music I switch to the voice of Rita.Boring sometime and my mind switches off at times but the little I get from there that I didn't get while reading the hard copy helps.I like the notes I get here ,they give me the different views and those things I miss to capture in my own study.All the best

Clearly you need to read the PMI Code of Ethics.  You may even find a question on your exam regarding the theft of copyrighted materials.

How about we make a PMP study group on PMP.


I am also prepapring for the PMP in Seattle. Would you mind sharing the FasTrack torrent link? I tried to find it but didn't.

I was wondering if you learnt by heart all the ITTO? I haven't. I understand them but haven't by-heart the list.

Thanks for your reply!