assumptions and constraints are part of scope statement or charter ?

Project Scope

The preparation of a detailed project scope statement is critical to project success and builds upon the major deliverables, assumptions and constraints that are document during project initiation.

Pmbok 5th - Page 121

but what about this. Project Charter
The project charter is the document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the
existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to
project activities. It documents the business needs, assumptions, constraints, the


PMBok 5th -pg 71.

Original question was,

you created a project charter that formally authorizes a project or phase and document initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholder's need and expectations. in this context, which of the following will not be included in project charter ?

1 - Assumption & Constraints.
2 - High level requirements.
3 - assigned project manager, responsibility and authority level.
4 - measurable project objectives and related success criteria.

what is the best answer.


I believe assumptions and constraints are part of both the project charger and the project statement. As other members mention,on pg 72 (pmbok 5th edition)it clearly states that, and on pg:124 the same is mentioned for the project scope statement, interesting enough they have a side by side comparison of both the project charter and the project scope statement where its mentioned that only the project scope statement has assumptions and constraints. :) I believe its safe to say that both have it.

To this original question - I think answer 4 would be the best answer.
4 - measurable project objectives and related success criteria.