Assessment needed please | Exam on July 24th

Hi all,

I have done Rita + PMBOK twice and will start the revision starting tomorrow.

I have done PMP Exam Simulators (1-5) and have been receiving approx 75%.

Did PMStudy 1 (75%) and PMStudy 2 (79%). Planning to 2 remaining 2 before the exam.

Any other suggestions for any question banks which is really a must have? I jotted down a lot of them but could not do all due to time constraints.

Please suggest.



Hello Amit:  I passed the first time back on July 6, and happy to give back to the community.   Start off looking to see which areas you scored lowest and focused on those areas.  Or, look at the questions you missed and focus there.  Know you EV formuals and what they mean, network critical path and contract types and when to use. 

Knowing the type of questions and knowledge areas that need extra studies, get to work on them by reading PMBOK and Rita.  In terms of more testing, take one more simulation.  Us  the day before the exam to relax and review.

You can do this, your scores are good.

Take care and let us in the loop.