ASQ vs IASSC after PMP

Does anyone know which certification is good after PMP , the ASQ or IASSC .. The Black belt for ASQ needs prior experience but IASSC only needs candidate to be familiar with six Sigma - Is IASSC as good as ASQ ?

Improve your soft skills than running after academic excelleance.Soft skills plays an important role in career development

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 Taking certifications may not give you the career growth you want. Certifications should support your job role and it should not be viewed to get better roles.

We had one person in our organization who used to take a different certification every quarter. His performance was good, but he was not seen as a person who is an expert rather than jack of few trades. If fact he was removed from his current department since he was not showing enthusiasm, which is obvious due to lack of focus. 

If you take six sigma after PMP  are you a PM or a Quality expert ?. If its only for learning sake then take good training which gives you certificate of completion and apply those skills to your job. 

I think its my responsibility to tell you why I wanted Black belt - I am just a Mathematics graduate - done in 2000 - I studied ( MCA - 2000 - 2003 ) from Osmania university , ( MBA - 2005 - 2007 )from JNTU university and again MBA Distance from Sikkim Manipal in 2012 ..however I tried to interest my self in PG but I dropped from all of them - though I scored above 80 till my graduation -- This clearly shows that I am not interested in Academic qualifications - I have worked for Dell & Dish contact centers and in my latest experience I am a program management consultant with Verizon in India where my duties involve daily weekly reports and presentations to my DH & ED .. I guess I am ok on the soft skills side . Right now I am in US on a dependent VISA and have plenty of leisure time to spend after 10 yrs of work experience. I am done with PMP and preparing for ITIL & ACP , related to my career and Six sigma only because of personal interest and nothing to do with my career . But Admin thanks for your advise and for not judging me - I will go with IASSC because it doesn't ask me for any experience in quality -