Are questions still on 3rd edition or purely on 4th edition?


This query is directed to those who have appeared for PMP exam post 30th Jun'09. Can anyone of you pl. clarify that hope there are no questions related on 3rd edition syllabus? Why i am asking this is because I was practicing questions from (free test) and still find all questions based on 3rd edition still where as some member here mentioned that the test site is totally on 4th edition. If the real exam still has questions on 3rd edition, then i guess there is lot of chances of messing up things esp. with ITTO's. Pl. clarify.



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Hi Sunny

 As far as I know pmpmodel was only self promotion by the website owner. I dont think we have any feedback yet on how good / bad it is.



The question will be a very good one. It will clear a lot of thing and it seems to be crystal by now. - Doug Battista