Applying for PMP Credential

Dear all,

I'm applying for the PMP credentials and spending time to key in my PM working experience. There is this section where we need to put in the Organization Details - Please identify the organization for whom you managed this project. For your info, I'm the vendor's project manager. In that case, should I put my company details or put the client details. Eg eg. if I'm working for IBM and implementing the project for Shell. So should I put IBM's details or Shell's details?

Appreciate some guidances.


I was in the same boat when I filled in my application and I put my employer's name. They're the one who pays my salary, not my client.

I was in the same dilemma. I was suggested to put my company details, its where i work not the client. You need to acquire a specific amount of PDUs (Professional Development Units) are required to keep up your PMP credentials.

Thanks for all the feedback!