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I have a few questions about the PMI application process to sit for the PMP certification.

I found a lot of information on taking the PMP certification test but I do not see too much about the application process.  So here are my questions.


1. Can you suggest a reference for the application process

2. Define "project" in reference to the application


I am preparing to retire from the Army after 25 years, I have my Master's Degree, and have spent the last 21 years "managing" all kinds of stuff. I am sure I can pull 36 months and 4500 hours of project stuff out of my experience for the application depending on how you define "project".  For example, being a budget officer, the Army's "Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process has a lot to it that I had to participate in.  Being a safety manager has several things that have to be developed and managed.


Thanks for your input,


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Hi Fred

Filling an online application is really easy, you just have to enter the number of hours you have spent . As long as you can get a letter ( from your manager) to support your management experience you are fine and you can go ahead and apply for PMP.  

If you have been doing planning, budgeting, execution etc, then you will qualify for PMP.