Appearing in 2 days - advice

Hi folks,


I am appearing on saturday, please let me know how am i doing?

These are my scores -


Exam Central 75%
PM Study Free 76%
Brainbok 50 Qs 68%
Simplilearn 71%
PMP for sure 66%
Headfirst 80%
Oliver 75 66%
Oliver 175 74%
Pmzilla tough 30 67%


Thank you!

It worths as 3 to 4 ps, Dude, go ahead, will rock

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It takes just 10 minutes to understand a 20 lines paragraph but it might take 10 hours to go through permutation and combination of questions that can be made with these 20 lines. cheap press release

 I agree with naqash899.Because I felt permutation combination was ver difficult and it was for everytime i ignored that topic and studied the another chapter.


You are doing very good.Just go through the PMBOK again .

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Seem to be doing well. Just focus on wrong answers and see what was the gap in understanding, so that you dont repeat the same mistake in real exam.

Thank you Admin, arun & pawar, yes i plan to revisit the gaps and go through the Rajesh Nair notes for these two days. And then hope for the best.

 How did it go ?

 Please share the good news & LL.

I passed with 3P (initiating, planning & executing) & 2 MP (M&C and Closing)

I will post my detail LL very soon.

Thank you all for the help.


Congratulation for your success. Pls share the lesson learnt, I failed 3 times pls advice how to approach.

1st Attempt-All BP except 1MP in Planning, 2nd Attempt-All BP, 3rd Attempt-2MP(Initiating, M&C) others BP. ow many P or MPs required to pass the exam. Pls guide.




Hi Reeta,

Thank you, please check -

PMI does not publish how they grade the score, so we cant be sure. But i think i have seen someone pass by 4MP & 1 BP.

If you can consistently get around 70-75% in most of the mock tests then i am sure you will ace the real exam.

Read PMBOK line by line try to understand the concepts, do not memorize. Attempt mock tests, record your performance. Identify your week areas and study them again & again until the concepts are clear in your mind. If you have any doubts ask the question in forum, there are lot of people to help you here.

i read somewhere that you can have BP  in just one Process group for clearing the exam. and rest should be atleast MP. i may be wrong, but this is what i remember reading earlier 

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