Anyone interested in team up during praperation?

Hey guys, I have emailed everyone who left a correct email address before EOD 04/24. I will not come back and check this posting again. If you are interested in joining, please email me at, and I will include you in the group.



I'm currently preparing for my PMP exam (planning to take it sometimie in July). Now I am watching the course vedios on LearnSmart (got from groupon) and reading PMBok. Still in the very early stage of preparation.

I wonder if anyone is interested in team up during preparation? We can share our individual notes, discuss questions, and encourage each other so that we don't lose track! I am a dedicated learner however. just like an average person, sometimes gets lazy and get into my comfort zone... However I do not plan to take this damn exam's twice!

Please respond with your email if you are interested, I will start an email group, and we can find an app that we keep in touch with radomly. Let's pass it in July together!

Hey there..

I am sure that the issue which you have..almost everyone of us must be facing:-(

Me too planning to give the exam in June end or July mid and DO NOT want to give it twice..I have read Rita..PMBOK-5 and Headfirst almost twice..but still scoring 65-70%..still struggling with ITTO..

So lets make the group..I am sure this will help pass the exam..

My email id is




OK I just started recently and I'm only on Chapter 4, so I'm dumb enough for not knowing what ITTO you are talking about lol. I'll send out the email on Friday if we have more people! Nice to Meet you Nisha!

Thank you so much:-) Sure..will look forward to have the group and share our knowledge.

I'm looking to write the exam in July.

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I'm in. I think this is a good idea. I'm planning to take the exam a bit sooner than July but I would definitely appreciate having a group dedicated for studying and motivation. Please add me. My info is listed below


Robert Kitchen

Email -


OK Robert seems like you are ahead so that we can look forward for your advise! I'll start an email on Friday to see if we have more people joining. Nice to meet you!

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Hello Guys,

I am planning to give the PMP in the next couple of months and would like to join this group. 

I am still going through PMBOK 5th edition. I am located in EST timezone.

Thank you,


Hi, please leave your email address and I will for sure start an email group this Friday, in case we have more people joining! Thank you!

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I am very much interested.  I took it last year and I failed.  I am trying to take it again in the middle of May and I want to make sure that I pass.  You can reach me at  Thanks

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Hello Im sorry, 

I am located in Washington, DC.

OK May is not far but let's learn from your experience! I'll start the email with everyone this Friday.

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Thats a really good idea for making a group, even I am planning to give exam by the end of May.

I am studying  Rita Mulcahy, Head first and PMBOK.

My Email id is :



JItendra Yadav




Hello Friends

This is a great idea to form a group. What time you all plan to discuss in Indian Time?

Thanks in advance



My email is: Who would add me to this group? I would like to get into it soon.

Thanks in advance.


me too for may: exam date

Hi I am alos looking for a group preparation in May 1st week. I have learned PMBOK once and Headfirst once (70%) and again reading PMBOK.

In mock test scoring approv 58-60% . Pl. suggest.




Hey sudeep,

Would you suggest some good mock tests to try?


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Hello Guys

Try PMStudy Mock Test.


Md Javeed, PMP

Are you or anyone else using Brainbok for the preparation? It is helping me to focus on the key terms in each Knowledge area, one at a time. 

Hey Ililacu,

Is this just email group or you even plan to start group discussion? This looks interesting and I would be interested.


Hi Sabrina, I will start from email group, with a chart of everyone's name, location, contact, and expected date for exam. Looks like some people are in India, and some people are targeting May exam, we can take a look and maybe have sub-groups with different targeting time for exam or time zone.

Please add me to your group

Hi everyone,

Great idea. I'm in DC. My email address is



I'm interested in joining. please add me:

tnx so much

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Thats a really good idea for making a group, even I am planning to give exam 29th June

I am studying Rita Mulcahy, Head first and PMBOK.

My Email id is

Thanks & Regards


hi everyone,

I have emailed each single person who has given email here. teaming up will surely add boost to the preparation.



, Please note the correction in email id

Please add me to your group


hey guys can you please add me to this group? I am preparing for this exam as well

my email id -

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I am also planning to give exam in July.

Please add me to group 



hi all


is the study group in progress? I havent heard from anybody yet, i would like to take my exam in late may and appreciate help- please add me so i can join the study group -

Hi! I am planning to sit for the exam in May or June. I have already started prepping by taking a Velociteach class offered by local chapter of PMI and studying on my own. I am in central time zone. Thanks for adding me!

yes i want in to  i plan on passing th exam this summer in august

Please include my id  for Group disucssions.  thanks in in advance. 


E-mail id  is

Best Regards,


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Hi Dears;


     I took the exam from couple of days ago, and I really shocked and I'm never thought that the exam will be very difficult as I encountered with.


     Approximately The first 50 questions all are situational with 3 or 4 lines of paragraph and it was very difficult because they start using a new technique of wording I didn't see before although I was trained on rita fast track v8 about 1600 questions. which this point went by me to be very mad because I have been spent about 90 minutes on the first 50 questions which made me very stressed and out of control


    the second strange issue the schedule network diagram questions were drawn by very strange way I believe they made this to confuse the candidate to waste more time and they provide diagrams by more than critical path which make the answer take more seconds to be correctly selected


   the third strange thing they come by questions on EV, and ETC and TCPI with very strange workarounds stories, which if you just memorized the formula is not enough you need to be already understanding how it works in the real world to be able to solve it.


  the last thing I noted that there a lot of easy questions like communication channels but also come with tricky story to consume time.




  For Sorrow I went so nervous and lost my control and Failed


  But, I asserted to retest again after 10 Weeks.


 I believe that the exam technique changed and become more insane difficult


  My Advice is to be really understand how to apply project management on the real world and practice on how solve the situational questions in minimum time.

Good Luck