Any suggestions!

 I have recently sat for my PMP exam for the second time and still did not pass. I have read the PMBOK, Rita's PMP Exam Prep and recently taken a 4 day boot camp through PMStudy. With all of this, it stills seems like I am missing something.

I have memorized the Process Chart and Knowledge areas and the formulas but for some reason I still can not seem to pass the exam. I am still a little weak in the Inputs, Tool/Tech and Outputs areas but I feel I knew enough to pass the exam. 

I have one more chance before my time expires in the next 30 days and just wanted to know if anyone can help me or guide me in the right direction to get me over the hump.




If money is not a constarint then you may wait for some time and then take the test or else if anything wrong happens, God Forbid, then you will have to wait for one more year.


I would suggest you to wait. Fill the exam form when you think are ready and then go for it.


Please do think much about it.





 Hey KK,

Its not the money but unfortunately my year is up in July that I have 3 chances to complete the exam process. So if I dont take it for the 3rd time and let my time expire, I will have to reapply to PMI again, right? And will that restart my exam process?

Thanks for the advise:)

You completed a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all persons will go along with with your blog.
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Since you have already gone through the prep process twice, What was proficiency ratings? Read my blog on "What Not To Do" 

DO NOT MEMORIZE THE ITTO, possibly you wont able to remember. Try to understand the inter-relationship between the PG + KA. I would advice to pay more emphasis on the situational questions, as thats turning out to be a slippery ground for most. Sometimes the situation asks to resolve Communication Issue and Address the Risk, so what would you do first?

Organize your self and take lessons learnt (identify weak PG's)  from past attempt and put your self on full throttle. It shouldn't take long for you to prepare.

Suggested Action Plan -


1. Do retrospection. Write down on a paper what areas you find hard to understand. Areas where you scored less in the 2nd attempt.

2. Once you identify those areas, drill down further to identify topics, concepts which were not clearly understood. List down areas you felt to memorize last time. Read those few times to see some logical flow. Regarding numericals, do lot of practise solve minimum 15-20 sample questions of each type. Practise makes the man perfect. You doestn't really need to memorize the formulae.  

3. Start reading areas, topics from Rita and PMBOK which are identified in #1-2. Highlight key points / concepts in book with highlighter and put flags where necessary

4. Do solve all excercises from Rita. Its a MUST for you. It will help to reinforce the concepts what you have just read. Have a look at the PMZILLA free tests.

5. If you have PMFastrack take Knowledge Area wise exams and then process group. Otherwise switch to online resources like pmzilla, etc

6. Revisit ITTO's everyday and develope a good handle on it.


1. Take full mock exam. There are many available online, pmzilla, plenty of sources

2. Review questions which you didnt get right in the mock exam. Do one quick round of power reading, visit important points marked in [WEEK1#3]

3. Take 2nd full mock exam.

4. Review questions which you didnt get right. Analyse whether your score is getting better than previous attempt. Ensure you doesnt repeat the same mistakes. Visit ITTO's, formulae for EVM, etc.

5, Take 3rd full mock exams.


1. Do a round of power reading of PMBOK and Rita 

2. Revisit ITTO's, Formulae from various KA's

3. Take PMZILLA paid tests. Review the questions you get wrong and do quick reading. Repeat and Repeat

4. Prepare a plan on how you want to approach for the exam.

Remember, committing mistake is not an offense but repeating the same is an offense.

Prepare hard and smart, you have all of us behind to support you in this endeavor. 

Keep us posted how it goes

 All The Best!!!

 - Makarand, PMP

 Hi Makarand,

Thanks for the detailed breakdown. After reviewing my last test proficiencies, I realize the ITTO's are my weakness at this point. Also, I called PMI yesterday to way my options and I think I am going to take KK's advise and let my eligabilaty expire and then reapply. So I can have a clean slate and focus on these weakness with out being under a tight time line.

This is my first PMP forum I have been on and I really appreciate all the feed back that I have received. I will keep checking in for more suggestions and keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks again,

Hello Mckelvey,


You have to take PMI membership again or just  continue.

You will have to fill the form again. Since you must have received the template of the form that you filled last time so you copy from there and of course you can update anything new as well.


The entire process starts all over again. However, worth it. And now that you say that there is no budget constraint, so, may be, please do think and re-think about it.


All the Best.


Thanks, KK....