Any easy method to memorize ITTO's


I have been reading the ITTO's for every process and its quite some task to memorize them for all the 42 processes. I wanted to know if there is an easy technique or method to memorize all the ITTO's for the exam. I have scheduled my exam on Oct. 30th and here is what I have been studying till date.

Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam prep v6

Andy Crowe: How to pass PMP on first try.

PMBOK guide: read once (curently reading it for the 2nd time.)

Yesterday I gave the full length exam by Head First Labs and scored 70% (this is my first mock test, I'm planing to write atleast 4 more tests before the actual exam.)

Please let me know if you have some tips on how to memorize the ITTO's and how to improve my score on the PMP exam.



Hi Nimish, I recited and recorded all ITTOs, by knowledge area, into mp3s.  I played these over and over ( about 2 hours each day ).  Eventually you will understand the patterns of what gets inputted or created and how the process flows.

I had about 75% memorization and I did very well on the actual test.

Be careful of Rita's chart. I found this was good for understanding the flow of ITTOs but not memorization. The test uses exact terms from the PMBOK so make sure you study the ITTOS in the PMBOK.

good luck


Thank you Mickey !

I will also try this method.

Do you have any recommendations for mock / sample tests to take before the exam? Is my score in the Head First PMP practice test very low?



Hi Nimish, has the best tests ( they give you one free test and additional tests are 25$) . These test are the closet to the level difficulty  to what the actual PMP test. Head First test, in my opinion, were not to the level the actual PMP test.


Thank you !

 The best way is to understand process and then with simple logic you may find input/output. I remembered processes during exam and wrote them during braindump.

I remembered following sequence to jog my memory of knowledge areas and processes in specific knowledge area during brain-dump. It helped me a lot.

ISTCQHCRP 656-334-0654 (see table below)

Hope this helps.


Find free quiz and tips on following website:



I > Integration mgmt > 6 Processes

S > Scope mgmt > 5 processes

T > Time mgmt > 6 Processes

... etc..




Thank you !

I will try these steps.



You can try many methods that have been practiced successfully by qualified PMPs, however I have a different opinion about it.


I think the best and most easy way to memorize the ITTOs is by taking an approach that makes sense. Create three spreadsheets, one for process inputs, one for process outputs and one for process tools and techniques. Please make sure no ITTO is repeated in the list. Next, in the adjacent cell (in the next column/to the right of the ITTO) mention the process name. You would see that you don’t have a big list to remember. Also, you would see the for some ITTOs there is only a single process associated with it, but for most of the ITTOs you would have multiple processes. Next, you have to brainstorm on every ITTO one by one, thinking what is this ITTO, how has PMBOK defined it, what is it used for, what is it importance, why we need it etc. After analyzing the ITTO, next you have to compare it with every process name written in the front and again brainstorm why does this ITTO fit this process? Deduce good logical reasons for these associations. Further also brainstorm why this ITTO is not associated with the rest of the processes. In short you have to understand the ITTO and determine it’s logic behind the association of it with any given process. If you can “ONLY REMEMBER THE LOGIC OF ASSOCIATIONS”, that is sufficient for you to pass the exam as this is what is required from a prospective PMP candidate from the PMI.


Please note that there won’t be any question in your exam that will ask something like “there are six inputs to this process, please select an appropriate choice that contains exactly those six inputs”.  Hence you don’t have to remember all the process inputs by name by process. Questions in the exam would be like, “which of the following is an input/output/tool and technique of this process”. If you remember the logic of association you have derived, you can easily identify the correct choice. Also there won’t be two choices that are so closely related that a candidate gets confused. The real PMP exam is unlike the mock exam present on different Internet locations that are deliberately created difficult and most of the time, they are ambiguous as well. The ream PMP exam questions are filtered by a big number of qualified PMPs and it is made sure that none of these are ambiguous in any way. So just relax, and focus on the right way, which is the easiest way, of developing logic.




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This is a very good technique to memorize and I will work on this right away.

Thank you !

I use Iflipr flashcards.  They are on there.