Another situational pmp exam question analysis

Question: Your project team has been informally meeting with sellers to discuss the sellers'"best practices" relative to upcoming potential work from your company. During one of these sessions, a seller offers to give you tickets to a sporting event if you will tell him the names of other companies you have been meeting with. What is the best response?
A. Accept the ticket but ignore his question.
B. Ignore the question and refuse to meet with him again.
C. Refuse to answer the question and remove the company from consideration for future work.
D. Refuse the offer and warn the seller against bribery.

Good day folks. Can't wait to have a deep analysis of the question above. Well, let us analyze and lead to picking the best answer.
I will introduce my personal approach of solving a worded problem, as i learned during my times in the university, until i become an engineer, a professor in a university, till certified PMP and a trainor on PM and planning. 

Below is my solution:
Context: Ethics/Professional Responsibility
 Situation summary: Meeting up sellers, one seller attempted a kind of like bribery. (i said "like" bribery, for i dont want to be a judge, tho ovbious it is bribery)
Analysis of choices:
Choice A. Given the move of the seller, is it correct to accept the ticket and ignore his question at any rate? What will be the impact or issue when the ticket is accepted? Well, to accept the ticket is in fact a fall into the seller's bait, as this would make compromise and a good start from the point of view of the briber, even if the question by now is ignored. However, it will give a hope to the briber, and probably next time, he will be more tricky to bribe. Therefore, Choice A is never a correct answer. Cross this out from your choices.  Read more!