Analyse change vs add it to change control

Im confused in what happens first. 

Your team has recommended a change to the Verify Scope process. What’s the first thing you should do?
(1) Analyze the change versus the Project Management plan to see what its impact will be.
(2) Write up a change request
I chose 2 considering that only after I write up a request I should analyze the impact. What is the correct process flow here for a change request.

I would go with options 1. First analyse the change for it's impact. Only once the change is analysed it should be raised to the CCB for further approval etc...

However if the question says customer called you to request for a change - then your answer would be to request him to raise a forma change request or to document a change request, then you analyse and once that is done you take it to the CCB.

I hope that helps.

Absolutely thanks buddy... sure does help... never thought to separate the two - customer raised requests and self driven change requests...

Guys, I got the same concern, here is a question from PM-Exam-Simulator that i found weird.

Your Customer calls you on the phone and informs you of a minor change to a requirement on the project. What is the first thing that should be done ?


A. Analyse the requestand its consequences to the project

B. Instruct your engineer to implement this minor change

C. Ask the customer to provide a formal change request

D. Note it in the weekly status report.


I tought it was A, then C..  but from PM-Exam simulator it says :

Changes to requirements must be made formally Answer C:

All changes on project must be documented and then formally approved via Perform integrated change control process.


I am not sure of this one

The key word in the answer is formal.  Change request are formal no matter how minor and a phone call is not formal.  There should be a change request form for the customer to submit change request.  

Excatlly my point. If the change is not formally raised, FIRST thing to do is to get customer to first formally raise it.



You need to have a formal Request before you Analyse it ?

If customer informs or requests for a change verbally then the best choice would be be ask for documented request FIRST and only then start analysis etc.

Change is a very critical aspect and hence documentation is of prime importance.