Am I Ready?

Hello, I have my PMP test scheduled for 3/18/13 at 8am. I have been studying for about 1 month 1/2 using headstart (1 time), Rita (2 Times), and PmBok (1 time). Here are my current exam scores

PMZilla 200 Tough Questions - 50%

PM Study: 63%

BetterPM Iphone Application 200 Questions - 78%

Do you think I am ready?


All the best for your preperation. Even i have scheduled on the same date. So i am unable to comment on this.

But have a question to you, did u buy 200 tough questions from PMzilla?

If  not, send me the free link to test

 hello, I bought the questions here from the site, it is a PDF with password protect that I cannot share. Thanks

 All the best to both of u  , I am planning to schedule on 20th 

 Thanks, good luck to you too!

 can anyone tell me if they think I am ready yet or not?

 It looks on border line, very risk to be honest enough. 

Just wanted to let everyone know that I passed today!! I will post my LL soon!

Congratulations Howie. Since morning I was refreshing my screen now and then to know about your result. Feeling very happy for you. Enjoy!!!


 honestly with the scores you mentioned i thaught it woulbe difficult , but did not wanted to demotivate u ..


Anyways Congrats..


Congratulations on passing the PMP exam.