After a Tough Game, Won the Game - Passed PMP Exam

First of all thank to God and my wife and family for great Support. It is the only reason i am able to write a success email today.

I have gained a lot from this Forum. So now my time to say Thanks to creator of this forum and several contributors like Pawar Sir, Veer Sharma and many more who answered my questions.

I have passed the PMP Exam.

Now the time for the highlights of a game which was like the world cup final with lots of stakes.

Again as you might have seen in some of my posts, i have Master's degree and more than 14 IT Certifications and 3 Financial Certifications. I have given Prometric Style exam several times. Looking at all this, PMP should not have been tough. But as mentioned by several people in the forum and sevral people industry wide, PMP is a tough exam. I dont want to scare anyone and in fact i was myself feeling nervous when i used to read messages that exam is tough, but i want to set realistic expectations for everyone.

This being said For everyone who are in same boat as i was until 1 day earlier and are yet to appear for exam, the above stands true, but that does not mean you get scared or nervous. I myself was not able to follow that. But i can give you my best piece of advice to get you motivated and appear for the exam.

First of all, it will require lot of hard work, so if you think you are definitely not in range of 60% at least while taking mock exams, than i think you must strongly consider rescheduling your date of exam, because lots of factors will be different.

Many of us dont know how the exam questions will be or how will they grade. All we see is P's, MP's etc.

Hence just mock test score will not help you judge yourself that you will pass your exam. It is just one benchmark. If you are able to score above 70% in length tests like PMZilla 30, Oliver Lehmann than you have certainly good chance.

I also agree with people who said in this forum that if you score above 70% in PMStudy, you have a good chance. But it is still just a good chance in the context that you know much of the stuff and you can handle type of questions. But you still have to prepare well. Yet that does not mean that you keep studying till you get more than 80% in PMStudy or some other test. Because i have seen with many participants and even myself that after some point the scores stay in the same range. So you will have to draw lines.

I want to clear 2 other myths that some people have.

1) Read PMBok, digest PMBok - Blindly reading PMBok and digesting PMBok will not help. Of course exam is from PMBok, but because of difficulty of material, if you just read PMBok and dont understand material, it will not help you solve confusing questions. Materials like Rita's book and HeadFirst and other good materials or classes are required to first understand the concept

I read PMBok 3 times, 1 time full efforts, 1 time skim through and 1 time just to make sure i read it before exam and took important notes out of it. But anyone who has difficulty reading PMBok should not think they must forcefully digest the PMBok. I would suggest them, mark yourself based on the MockTest.

2) Memorize/Not Memorize ITTO's - Most people dont do this as they give up at some point. I memorized most of ITTO's except procurement. Some people get direct questions from ITTO's some dont. In my exam there were not that many questions from ITTO's. But there were some twisted questions on ITTO's and memorizing ITTO's before taking the mock tests and along with other preparation helps you understand flow better and better. Not mandatory but choice is yours. If your mind is able to remember, i would say do it..

My Study Materials

Rita's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition first.

HeadFirst PMP

Andy Crowe


PMZilla Forum

PMP Practice Makes Perfect

Abhishek's Version of Rajesh Nair Notes.

Mock Exams and assessments


Pmstudy – 78%

PMPForSure – 70%

Oliver Lehmann (175 questions)– 70%

Oliver Lehmann (75) questions - Less than 59%

PMZilla 30 – 60%

Exam Central – 83%

TechFaq360 – 86%

Scordo (12-18) – 75%.

PMFast Track Once only – 75%.


Proficient in M&C and Planning, Moderately Proficient in Initiating and Closing, Below Proficient in Executing.

 Exam is very tough in my opinion. As Mr. Pawar mentioned, it is important that you do first 100 questions with speed. I did exactly that and finished first 100 in less than 2 Hours. Than i did remaining 100 with more concentration. Of course had lot of mark for reviews in both. Than i had just 30 Minutes left when i started review, i went over first 100 carefully and changed some answers too. It is important to not spend too many time on a question, becuase sometimes choices are so confusing that even if you spend 5 minutes of 10 minutes on that question, chances are less that you can get it right, so its important to mark something that goes beyond certain point and mark for review.


After lots of study, tough game and stru

I am glad its over like everyone else.

Tips are


1) You need a lot of study. Yes. You can see my credentials above in terms of degree and certification and yet i am telling you to study hard as it could be a hard and easy exam depending on what questions and choice you get and many other factors

2) You will need to focus a lot. So please focus

3) As suggested by many, decide on a plan and goal for PMP Exam and than dedicate study time to it. Focus in weeks before exam is the most required and most important. That's what helped me.


Thank you everyone

Congratulations thanks for the information please can you send me Rita's PMP and   Mr.Rajeshs Notes if you have my email is thanks



I have my exam schedule on monday.  This is my second attampt. Do you ahve nay advice how to study for last 3 days.


Please let me know.






I gave this advice to Gaurav and he also passed the exam.

High Level Material like Abhishek's Version of Rajesh Nair Notes or your own notes are the key.

If you have done some practice tests, the more you remember, the more chances you will have to handle a question properly and probability of you answering correct will increase.

An important advice for Sunday. Study good in the first half and second half relax more. Sleep well because concentration and focus will be most required for exam.

Congratulation  pleas can you send me the Abhishek's Version of Rajesh Nair Notes my email is



   Sincere congratulations on your accomplishment! Glad to hear that you passed the exam. I will be sitting in only a couple of days time for the exam and I too like you are very nervous. I share some of your background, not the many certifications, but I have a Masters degree with a Project Management specialization.


My scores on all of Rita's chapter quizzes were in the 70's, 80's and 95% in the processes chapter. I have taken 2 full length 200 question exams so far, 1 on ExamCentral which I completed in 2 hours and with no review scored a 68%. I also took a full 200 question Rita PM Fast Track exam with no review of questions and scored a 71%.

I spent today really focusing on the Initiating and Closing groups to try and secure a Proficient on the exam in those areas. I have written out my own list of notes about questions that I missed or that I had a somewhat educated guess on and so far I am up to 120 notes across all of the processes. Together with reviewing formulas I will revisit my list and take one more full length exam tomorrow, Rita's "Super PMP", and I hope I will be fortunate enough to have the same result as you.


Congratulations again, I know it is a great feeling.

Congratulations on getting PMP certified.

 Congrats for PMP!!!

Hi Bpatel,

So you got two proficient, and two moderatly p and one below p and pass, I thought you couldnt get any below proficient to pass? Great job!

Hi Bpatel,

So you got two proficient, and two moderatly p and one below p and pass, I thought you couldnt get any below proficient to pass? Great job!

Congratulations , Mr.Biral, you have done it , with lots of precautions and cares, for that this exam is different than others.

Thank you Pawar Sir.

My advice is to stay focused

Do not think of anything else. Just think of things of the exam

Most important is try to sleep well previous night and whichever god or religion you believe in, pray god, it is most required for this test

 Dear Friend,

             Congrats and thanks for sharing in detailed LL. Your LL are very simple and has lot of inspiration filled in it. This is very true that we need to understand PMBOK, unless we understand it, its difficult for us to clear the exam.

Congrats once again.



 Thank you


And same thing applies to ITTO

Memorization wll be very exhausting, time consuming and yet sole memorization  will not help

What helped me is memorization and  than understanding it, so already remembered most of ITTO's and also understood 

 Nice one! congratulations!!