After failing in first attempt, Loosing interest.. what should i do now


I was well prepared and had traget to clear the exam on first attempt itself .I read PMBOK 2 Times and Rita as well and attempted so many questions online and was quite confident but I failed in first attempt last week , now I am loosing interest in PMP prep . even I am trying to read again and try to give online exams but not able to concentrate ? Please advice ? has any body faced this exp ? I would like to write again this PMP exam





 Hi Vivek,

I am in process of giving my PMP exam early next year. I would suggest you to take up a training from PMP training providers such as PMstudy so that you can be in touch with the PMBOK contents. I am going to take up a classroom program with PMstudy soon and then will sit for the exam. PMstudy prepares you good for the exam with its quality materials and tests. Hope this helps.


Hi Vivek,


I can NOT stay about how to re-generate  interest after failing in one attempt. Since I myself failed and still am trying by putting in my best-possible effort.

Allow me to tell you of an example, burning indeed:-

 You must have seen very very regular post by a gentleman whose name as per Zilla is SSPawar. He is also called as Pawarji, Pawar, but for me he was and would always be "Respected Pawarji Sir or RPS".

 Yesterday, he passed in Calcutta (India) Prometric with 2Ps and 3MPs. And, mind you, he had failed in the 1st attempt with 5BPs and 1MP. You know what was so good about RPS and that his extra-ordinary skills on doing a perfect SWOT analysis.


If you or I or anyone wantes to get inspired then we should look at people like RPS. His hard working style, his zeal and zest is second to none. BTW, he is also my political Guru!


People like Dibakar Mukherjee can never be an inspiration. He is someone who has an excellent educational background. He was almost into an IIT and an IIM. And you being an Indian must be aware what an IIT-IIM mean?

Since he could not so due to bad luck, he did his MBA from Narsee Monjee in Mumbai, which is again a top 15-20 business instititues in the country. He getting 5Ps was a mere formality. It was already known. A master class is Diba.


Last, the ball lies in your court. Still I would say you should think about it as i mentioned, the ball lies in your court.


Enjoy :)



Thanks  Chris Smith  and KK for boosting the Morale. I am very sad about mr. SS pawar.

All the best



Wow sspawar passed the exam!? I am so glad to hear that!!!!

I am going to email him now.

Has he not posted any LL yet because I don't see it in that section?

Do you feel Sad/sorry about everyone who passes "PMP" or Mr S S Pawar is an exception?


Develop a habit of reading everything word-for-word as this would help you in getting many answers right.


Just in case you did NOT understand me, Mr S S Pawar aka RPS "PASSED" with 2Ps and 3 MPs.


Take care and read everything carefully, as they say that even a small comma can change the context of the sentence.





Hi KK,

I have misunderstood something else. I am sorry for that. I am really very happy that Mr Pawar has passed the PMP exam. As you said "reading everything word-for-word as this would help " . I agree with you.

I am sorry again if i hurt your feelings. It was not my intesnion.






It takes lot of courage and willpower to again gear up for the exam should give yourself a pat on the back ...At least you faced the real 200 exam questions with your best effort ..see i think you should take a break of a week and go out with your family ..this will really charge you up..whosoever is close in your family , your office ..speak to them ..their words of trust in you will fill in the requireed encouragement

Coming back to the exam dont give mock exams now ...the first attempt must have given you an insight of the areas which you have max gaps ..these are the areas which need consolidaiton i mentioned in my lessons learned i was shocked to see 25-30 questions from HRM and that was the knowledge area i had least prepared otherwise i would have scored P in executing also

So have core focus on PMBOK and sometimes reading the same books is very tough ..rita's book is avaialble in audio version ..brainbok , pmpodcast and pmchamp has videos try these methods

Thanks Aarush for valuable suggestion.

I am planning to study again and let's see how it goes the prepration. I think You are right, I shoudl not give mock exam as of now and should more focus on Audio/video

Thanks a lot!