After all 13 is lucky

Hi All,

I just finished my exam today on 13th and PASSED (1st attempt). Many thanks to everyone who has helped me in this forum and also who shared their LL. Felt so many time that shall i change the date but then im not superstitious and made me more strong believer now thing matters is Study hard , practice and you will pass.

So lets see how was the experience:

Study Plan:

1) Studied PMBOK 1st to get an overall feel of the book. Very dry but very methodical., Then did PMPrepcast (Since i didnt have 35hrs study requirement). It was worth it. While listening to Prepcast, read alongwith PMBOK. This time it made more sense.

2nd Round: Rita book with PMP. Honestly i heard so much of the book, and after reading it , i can give one suggestion that , read it alongwith PMBOK. It would make more sense. Although this book has a flow but in my opinion has to be with PMBOK.


2) Practice: You can read Rita and PMBOK 1000 times but still wouldnt find gaps if you dont practice questions. Pratice , Practice and practice. Anyway i did 1) RITA PM Fast track (Each chqapter and attempted 200 questions once to feel the exam experience 2) Examcentral 100 questions 3) Headfirst - 100 questions. After every exam i was writing my notes for any gaps and wrong answers. I would say these exams increased my knowledge and fill my gaps..Practice, Practice and practice ....cant stress more. Anyway in my exams i scored always between 70-78% (precisely :). So i would say if you score consistently above 70 from different sources , you are good to go. 

Real Exam:

3) D-Day- Reached one hour before and asked them if i could take early and they allowed. Just like everyone i wrote down formula and page 43 during the tutorial. Once the exam started i felt like it is very easy.....BUT hang on..reached at 25th and looked like i was wrong. I would say one of the toughest (something similar to my CISSP experience).Anyway concentrated more and started focusing again. Reached at 100 and had no clue what will happen, since mix of difficullt and easy questions. but continued and reached 200 and reviewed the marked ones. changed may be couple of them and press the end exam. After the survey came the letters which i was expecting for so long "CONGRATULATIONS"

I didnt memorize the ITTO but knew the flow. I didnt score very high i guess but passed

Initiating - Moderately proficient, Planning - Moderately proficient, Execution - Proficient, Monitoring - Proficient and Closing - Moderately proficient

It was a great learning experience for me and would like to cherish every moment of it. I would like to thank God, my wife, kid (he is just 1-1/2yr old- felt so bad initially when couldnt give him time but he will understand when he grows, my parents and last but not the least PMZILLA (Members/Admins/everyone)

Thanks once again and keep up the good work!


Congratulations. Well deserved :)


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Congratulations Harry on your PMP. I agree that solving practice tests you will still find gaps.. Thanks for posting here.

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Yeah!! Well done Harry!