Advice/Suggestions - Exam scheduled for Wednesday (July 17th)


This forum has been extremely helpful in my study efforts. Counting today, I have a full 8 days remaining before my exam. I'm not working, so I can devote all those days to studying. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice for me over the next 8 days based on my plan below. PLEASE, and help or info you can provide is appreciated.

Studying to date:

- I've studied for about a month and a half for the exam

- I've Read through Rita's book twice

- I've skimmed the PMBOK.  

- I've read through Edwel's Study notes

Chapter Tests/Practice Exams:

- I've taken Rita's Chapter tests 3 times. The last time i took them i was above 80&

- I've taken the Edwel Chapter tests once and am averaging 78%

- I took a 200 question sample exam by CMF Solutions and scored 73%

- Today, I took Oliver Lehman's 175 exam and scored 76%

Final Study Plans over next 7 Days

- skim through Rita's Book and PM Book

- Review my 12 pages of notes I've taken reading through the books

- Take Lehman 75 (Tuesday)

- Take HeadFirst Labs 200 (Wednesday)

- Take PM Study Test #1 (Thursday)

- Take PM Study Test #2 (Friday)

- Take CMF Solutions Test #2 (Saturday)

- Take PM study Test #3 (Sunday)

- Take PM Study Test #4 (Monday)

- Day before the test I'm just going to review my notes


- Should I try and read through PMBOK. I've only skimmed it.

- Based on the two tests I've taken..are my scores good, bad?


Instead of PM study all 4, go for 2.

Attempt Pmzilla 30 tough and buy PMzilla 200 tough

Getting reasonable score in PMZilla will boos your confidence

Wish you all the best in advance



 thanks bhavesh