Advice needed regarding purchase of book(Rita Mulchay)

 Hello All!

I am Raghu and am new to this forum.I have just started my exam preprn with a formal session from knowledgewoods and Head First PMP.After readig the post exam advices(LLs) from many , I understand the importance of Rita Mulchay book.I plan to buy this book.Could someone please confirm if this is the right link!


Is it the usual practice that every one keeps a copy of  the book or is there any soft copy available.

Can I do away with it by reading HeadFirst PMP, PMBOK and practising the questions online.

I will be awaiting for the responses/advices.Please help me out.

Thanks everyone in advance!

Yes this is the latest edition of this book you need to buy. It is only available in paperback and not in PDF which is basically a pirated version available on internet. Officially RMC only sell paperback version of this book.

I am not sure if there is any soft copy of Rita Mulachy book. But the book itself is worth a buy. I found it useful not only for exams, but beyond exams for daily PM activities.


Anand KL, PMP