Advice needed for the PMP exam on 15th July 2012 from Saket and others

 Hi everybody,

I have been a silent reader of the varied discussions on this site. I am learning a lot about the PMP exam from here.

Now, I need advice on my situation.

I have been preparing for the PMP exam for the past 1 month and my exam date is 15th July 2012.

I started with PMBOK guide and found it to be pretty boring and left it. So i did not finish reading the PMBOK.

To date, I have finished



PMP CBT Nuggets (once)

For the exams,

I have taken most of the PMFASTrack FULL Knowledge Area exams and I have been consistently scoring around 78%. I have NOT  taken any full length PMP exams. I have been practicising ITTOs but find them a little difficult to remember.

I have a week left and I need advice from you all to make the best of the remaining time. I can spend around 6 hours each day for PMP during this week .

Thanks in advance





Here are some concerns that’s troubling me:
1. Finding PMBOK boring having known that PMP questions would be framed using PMBOK
2. Difficulty in IITO, having known that around 80% of the PMP questions would be directly or indirectly from IITO

You have Read Rita so I do not see why you should not score good in Rita’s test. It’s expected.

Two advices I can give you:
1. Read PMBOK, accept boring things as life saving now. Go to PMBOK important IITO pages and summery pages
2. Immediately take free test (apart from Rita) like Pmstudy, Pmpforsure, Simplilearn, TechFaq360 etc and check how you score there. If you score an average below 70%...time to rethink for the exam!

Out of Box – you might pass PMP with what you have done and prove me wrong!

Saket, PMP

 Thanks for your immediate response Saket, JazakAllah Khair.

I will take the free tests asap and post the results. I would also read PMBOK asap.



Hi Saket,

              I am very new to this forum and after going through this have come to know that the tips you are providing is very helpful and valuable.

I did not clear my PMP in the first go  infact was under a totally wrong impression from my coaching institute that it wont be that difficult to clear the PMP exam.

So I just  took Rita  4th edition(old) and PMBOk guide as my only reference material.

Infact its only after my result I came to this forum to understand why I failed and realized that I should have come here long back.

It would be of great help  if you can guide me on how to go about preparing for PMP (STEP by Step, like books to refer , ITTO'S ( I dont even know what it stands for).

Any help on this would be much appreciated.



Today my machine got infected with a virus while I was trying to open some known PMP websites. Known-Unknown risk….keep internet security up to date (Risk Mitigation plan).

Back to business…

ITTO (Input, Tool&Technique and Output).

Honestly, you were misguided by the coaching institute. Since it’s the first time you were misguided make a lesson learnt with these:

1. Until PMI officially declares PMP exam with PMBOK v5, you have to read all PM materials that are based on PMBOK v 4.
2. Start with reading any good reference book like Rita, Headfirst, Andy and try to understand some project management with the example given in these.
3. Then move to PMBOK, and read it couple of time. Concentrate more on PMBOK IITO pages.
4. Practice around 2000 PMP mock questions from good source. Say you practice 40-50 questions daily. For each wrong answer, refer PMBOK and get the weak area revisit again.
5. Once you feel comfortable, schedule the exam and keep revising PMBOK IITO and its summery pages.

As most of the PMP training institute would tell you “If you refer our material you can crack PMBOK in just a months”…use both ears…listen from one and take out from the other. If you follow my 5 points it would take like 3-5 months of preparations assuming you can dedicate 2-3 hours daily.

Saket, PMP


Hi Saket,

              Thanks for your time and valuable information . Will follow it .

Also kindly let me know if it very important to remember the Inputs and Outputs  along with Tool and techniques

I can see Mnemonics only for Tootls and Techniques.




IITO is the base of PMP exam. Directly or indirectly around 80% of PMP questions would be from IITO. You might not see direct question, but when you trim down the situation given, you will come to know its taking about some IITO.

Practice….is the only way and the best way to remember IITO. Beware of any short cuts.

Sakat, PMP

i found pmstudy test ( test 4 is what i bought) to be consistent with the difficulty level of the exam (took the PMP test and cleared it y'day).. I totally agree with Saket . If i were you, i'd start taking some quality test like pmstudy. Also, things like edwel, headfirst have free 200 questions that might help u to start with ..