Acquired PMP certification on 19th June 2013

 I have cleared the PMP exam on June 19th, 2013, I am sharing my experience with you all, so that you can have some idea what all you have to be prepared for. And what all I have studied, referred during this preparation, might help some of you.  

I started my preparation from January 2013 by taking classroom program from Knowledgewoods. From the training I got fair knowledge on PMP exam. 

After classroom program I started with reading headfirst. By reading headfirst I got the basic idea of all knowledge areas. But just  reading headfirst alone is not sufficient as it is not covered all the points 

Now, I started with reading PMBOK chapter wise . Since I am a slow reader I took more time for finishing the first read. After reading PMBOK , I tried one mock exam. During mock exam I realized that many questions are confusing and one time reading of PMbok is not sufficient. I made too many mistakes though I read same points in PMBOK. 

Again, I read PMBOK and after reading some of the LLs, I started reading RITA as well. I started reading chapter wise in rita and immediately same chapter from PMBOK. Like this I read three times PMBOK and one time Rita.

Till now, I practiced Rita chapter questions, headfirst chapter questions and one mock exam. 

Now, I started taking mock tests. I took following mock tests



Exam central

Tech 360

PMstudy (4 tests)



PMP for sure (5 paid tests)

Brain book




Oliver 175 & 75 Questions

Scordo questions


Rita chapter wise questions

PMP simulator (3 paid tests + 1 free test)

Kim Heldman chapterwise question


My average score in all the exams is between 70 and 75. Very few times I got 80 percentage. I got 63% in Ferndales in which questions are very tricky.

I bought PMP Certification Mathematics by Vidya Subramanian and solved all the questions in that book. After solving these maths questions, I got confidence on maths questions part. Later,  I solved 101 maths questions for three time to get the more confidence

 I copied all my wrong questions and reviewed it completely.

Before 5 days of my exam I bought PMP exam simulator package and took three paid tests  ( one day per test). I felt PMP for sure and PMexam simulator exam questions gave me the confidence for writing final PMP exam.

 Last two days  I referred Appendix, Glossary , Raga points and reviewed my wrong questions. I can say that I understood all the flow of ITTOS and remembered as much as possible.

 About Exam:

I got around 25 maths questions  , which  felt like I scored well in those question. These questions covered all topics like network diagram , float calculations , project selections, EMV , BAC calculations

I got more questions on  HR , quality  and scope questions and average no of questions from remaining all chapters

No questions on ethics

More no of situational questions and what next process kind of questions

I completed my exam just before 10 minutes. I reviewed few marked questions in last 10 minutes, though I didn’t change any answer.


Later I skipped feedback and clicked next.  The screen kept blank for few seconds and displayed “Congratulations”. I didn’t read anything except this keyword!! And clicked on  next and my scores are as below:


Initiating: Moderately proficient

Planning: Proficient

Executing: Proficient

M&C: Proficient

Closing: Moderately proficient


Though we plan properly for studying, we need peaceful environment as well to execute the plan. Here, I feel like I am lucky to have such a wonderful reporting manager. We both decided to write the exam and started preparing together. Daily during lunch period we solved scordo questions. As everyone said the group study has its own advantages. I certainly thanks to my reporting manager, , PM Zilla members who supported me in answering my queries. I especially want to thanks to Knowledgwwood’s BootCamp trainer, Vamsi Koka who helped me in getting the concepts of PMBOK

Last but not the least, it would not be complete without mentioning about my husband who has encouraged me continuously about my preparation and managed a lot of household works himself and encouraged me throughout. Without his help I would not have achieved this success.

This is my LL. As per my experience my sincere advice is  to take more no of mock tests which gives you confidence and review all the wrong questions at least for two times



Sanjya Vyda  PMP


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Congratulations for passing PMP on first attempt.

I am also thinking to attend classroom training from knowledgewoods.

Will you please help me about knowledgewoods review.

Yes, I have taken classroom bootcamp program for 4 days in the month of January (Hyderabad). The training was very useful and the credit goes to trainer (Vamsi Koka). I understood the concepts of PMBok and rest is dependent on our hardwork.

All the Best.

Congrats , and I agree with you regarding your suggestion of giving as many as possible mock tests

 Congrats Sanjya. You really deserve this




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Congratulations on your PMP.

Thank you All

Congrats Sanjya and thanks for sharing LL.

You mention that you are a slow reader. I am also a slow reader like you and worried about completing the exam due to it. Till now, I gave 6 mock test, out of which 2 I couldn't complete. Did you follow any tricks to tackle this specific problem?



I took more time for reading PMBok as I am a slow reader. But during mock exams I could finish the test within 4 hours. As mentioned, practice more no of tests to get the confidence. In real exam I didn’t get lengthy questions(2 to 3). Practice well.

All the Best!!

Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing your LL.



Congratulations San :)

 Congrats, San !!



 Congrats San :)))


Nice one!


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