Aced PMP first try 8-24-12 5Ps

 Hi. I felt totally prepared and took my time on every question. I only had 20 minutes to review, but I thought I nailed all of them anyway. Only marked 10 questions and changed two of them. I just tried to focus on getting them right the first time. 

Here are my lessons learned. 

Studied hard for about 3 weeks. All my spare time was spent studying. When I wasn't studying, I was thinking about what I'd studied.

Read Head First - loved it. Found some errors though. 

Read Rita - lots of info, but wordy. 

Read PMBOK - tried to at least. 

Read Crowe - pretty good book. Good balance. 

After reading each book I did about 100 questions. Did one full lenght mock. Scored around 82-85% on most. 

I thought the test was actually easier than the mocks. 

Oh, I did not try to memorize ITTOs. I really tried to understand them. I did memorize Rita's process chart and it came into play a few times on the test.

Most important note, eat a good meal before the test. Four hours is grueling. 

Congrats Anthony and welcome to the 5Ps club! :-)

~ Diba

 Congrats!!! My big day is on Aug 29th. Your achievement gives me confidence. Thank you! 

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Congratulations on your PMP