Aced PMP on 15th May

Phew! I passed my PMP exam on 15th May 2012. I am really excited. Scored 5MPs across all the knowledge areas. Is this bad?

Attended the Prep class during the end of February 2012 and started preparing for the exam from March 2012.


Weekends: 12-15 hours (Skipped 3-4 weeks due to other commitments)

Weekdays: Hardly found time and then took a weeks leave for the preparation by which time i had finished reading PMBOK and Rita's book once.


PMBOK: 3 times

RITA's 6th Edition: 3 times. From the 2nd revision i started reading 1 chapter from Rita and the corresponding PMBOK chapter.

Tests and mock exams:

Rita's 6th edition: I took the end of chapter exams only once and was scoring 80% and above.

PM Fastrack: I had taken the mock exams by knowledge area form my second revision and was scoring 70% and above on all except Risk and Procurement. I read them again and took the test and scored 75%. Then, i took the process group wise test and was scoring 70% and above. After all my 2 revisions (+1 initial study) i took the SuperPMP and scored 67.6% after which i did not take anymore tests from here because i became familiar with the questions and the answers as well.

Headfirst: Scored 80%

PMstudy: Took the free test and scored 69%. The quality of questions were good.

Oliver Lehmann: 175 Questions: 66% and 75 Questions: 70.6%

PMP for Sure: I scored below proficient on 2 process groups and failed. This was 2 days prior to the exam

That was it. I did not take any more exams the previous day to the exam.

Now, the most important question. Did you memorize ITTO's?

NO..NO.. I just went through them on all my 3 revisions and was able to eliminate the incorrect choices on the exam and did not have any difficulty.

Brian Dump: To be honest i did not practice for any brian dump but memorized the Formula's, PMBOK Pg#43 and Rita's process chart (Especially the planning process group by that order). Before the exam began i wrote the formulas and planning process group processes in the scrap paper. It was really helpful.

 A day before the exam i went through my weak knowledge areas and then a few mathematical question. I also went through Raga's 355 points and my self notes (Prepared from all the mock exams. I would review the wrong answers and note down the correct answers. This was really helpful. It is essential that we have notes to strengthen our weak areas for revision rather than readily available notes. THIS IS MY OPINION because it worked for me). I stopped studying at 6pm because my appointment was at 08:00am.

Exam day: I went to the Prometric centre at 07:00am and took the exam at 08:00am after a brief survey. I was answering questions for 3 hours and 40minutes and had only 20 minutes to review the marked questions. I could review only 15 - 20 questions by which time the clock stopped ticking. Then another survey and i hit the end button and my heart was beating faster and was waiting nervously for the result while praying to God and remembering my wife for all her support. Then, i saw the message Congratulations you've passed and i was delighted. All my anxiety was gone and felt happy.

All right. I got to leave now and CELEBRATE MY SUCCESS. For all PMP aspirants do remember that the only limtations are the ones we set for ourselves. Destiny is not a matter of chance but by choice. If you are determined to be PMPed trust me you will become a PMP.




Mohankumar PMP


Congrats.  I hope to share similar story as you this weekend.

 Me too taking the exam sunday 5/20/12 12:30pm .

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Good post , Congratulations Mohankumar on your PMP