8/20 PMP cleared first attempt!!!!!

If I can make a comeback and clear this you can too. I wasted 3 months studying the 3rd edition,I was so excited to start studying I didnt do my leg work on the new edition change. My sister wrote this on 2000 and she gave me the books and I assumed it was the book. I learn about 3 weeks before the exam. Too deep into the mess. I was panicking. I could have postponed was too egoistic to do it :). I did some research on the changes and thank god it wasnt a lot. Rita's book is amazing the older version. It is the concepts that matter not the words in the book, that is my lesson. I took all the exams the free ones on this site. Take break on the exam. I planned a strategy of 4 mins every 50 question. Get the concept right and think like a PM you will nail this exam

Thank you

Siddarth Dhanasekaran  MBA,PMP :) got to put it behind my name :)

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Congratulations on your PMP !!!