6th Feb - PMP PASS - 3P's and 2MP's - LL

 Cleared my PMP today and I will try to keep my LL short..


Preparation time : 3 weeks 

Books followed : Richard Perrin  ( Edwel training book given by a freind), PMBOK4

# of Full Practice tests: 3 - 1 from Richard Perrin book- 75%, 1PMStudy free test  -60% , PMStudy4 (Paid one) - 70%

Oliver 75 questions-59%, 175 questions - 50%.. Took all the tests almost a week before to the test. The last test I took was PmStudy4 3 days ago ..

Read both books many number of times and it always felt like first time reading until after few reads. 


I studied aggressively but never scored good in any of the tests.I took quite a few small tests in internet through browsing..

I had a surprise from my brother the weekend before the exam and I was totally nervous and almost thought of rescheduling the exam but the  thought of reading the books again and again haunted me and I decided to give it anyway ...I was very aggressive the last two days reading the books and Abhishek notes ...

I followed most of LL from previous takers except one i.e reading night before the exam...as some one said in LL..it all depends on you ..just follow which works best for you.. I do better if I keep the reading close to testing..I infact read my weak sections Quality , HR and procurement today i.e few hours before the exam.


Exam expereince: It's Sh#$#  :)

I started early than scheduled as the slots were free..It started out easy but over the period I was tierd and towards the end my brain froze.

I marked lot of questions for review and when I started reviweing I could only think of the answer that I already checked as right answer ..I changed few but wasn't sure If I am doing right .I decided to give up changing as It  didnt make sense to me ..I prolly marked many questions early in the exam out of nervousness..

The exam wasn't that hard ...but the whole process makes you nervous and think you scrwed up the exam ..at least that's what I thought when waiting for the result :)

About Questions:

1. simple CPI,SPI calcualtions -, given values out with choices to identify if it is over budget or behind scedule etc..-- many number of questions and pretty simple to answer.

2.Many Conflit resolve method identification questions

3. Average number of Critical path questions

4. Average ITTO - 

5.No PTA , no EMV questions

6.very few PERT calculations

few are bit tricky and overthinking killed it and my brain froze :)

examples: you ofocurse(PM) are working on a project for customer and during final delivarables due to some reason customer cancelled the project but PM has been assigned to new project for the same customer ..what is PM next step?

a.Inform stakeholder about the project , close the project and udpate OPA's

b. Created project charter for new project and identify stakeholders..

senior executive sent an e-mail to PM to begin work on new project and shuld be finish the product by end of the year ..what is PM first step?

a.inform senior executive to identify sponser and need for project charter

b.start creating project scrope statement, identify stakeholders ..

well these type of questions confused me a bit coz of my overthinking to it .

anyways ..the point is I cleared it and let me admit frankly that I usually suck at aptitude exams ...If I am able to do it ..u can also do it...:)

Just follow what works for you .Don't be discouraged if you don't score well in sample tests .. Good Luck




 Congratulations !

Congrats on ur PMP in 3 weeks and u gave me confidence as my score in mock is also less :).

Looking for help on the areas that you concentrated more in these 3 weeks while reading in short term that helped you clear the exam.

Please reply to anand2381@gmail.com as well if possible.


 Dear Friend,

         Congrats  and thanks for sharing LL. Is it possible for you to share which areas you have streched more ?



 I had issues with Quality and Risk ..Abhishken notes helped me to get a quick grasp on the areas and then went back to reading PMBOK4. 

I think the key is PMBok4. Though I read Richard Perrin I wasn't much confident interms overall concept ..After few reads I started reading PMBok chapter by chapter ..and it helped me understand concepts easily ...

Also more than reading listening helped me a lot..There are many youtube videos you can browse through..I really liked one channel in youtube and he started training with Pmbok5 but the videos are really good ..you can avoid stuff related to PMBOk5 and try to understand the concepts realted to PMBOK4.   Looks like he just started the training and he hasn't finished it yet ..so you would only find videos until cost managements ( at least that's what he had befor my exam ) He adds the chapters every week..If you have time I would strongly suggest to go through his videos..

You can search for his channael  "

Tamilselvan Mahalingam"



other than reading and reading ..I did not pay any special attension ..As I said before until few reads I felt like first reading every time I opened chapters.. The above videos helped me a lot..Heard once and they stuck to brain...As PMbok4 says Voice carries 38% than written 7 % :) ..it is true :)

 Hi Haritha, many thanks for sharing this link. Congrats again on your PMP!.

Many thanks Haritha for sharing the video link  Hope this will help those like me - who are preparing based on PMBOK5

 Dude, u're da bomb!. In 3 weeks? wow, what an achievement!!. Congratulations!!!.

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Congratulations on your PMP

Congrats. That was the best - informative and humble LL I have seen in this forum. All the best for your PM career ahead