6 days before EXAM!

I have noticed that I get impatient once I've answered 150 questions and have the urge to rush through the questions.

Any suggestions?



Hello Britt,


Welcome to the worst-possible club. I, am sure, must be the chairman. I was thinking of taking some Ayurvedic Treatment so that it cures me of hyper-sensitive syndrome or attention deficit.


After every 50 qstns, I start losing focus and desperate to know my result. But Ayurveda or no Ayurveda, I am helping myself by raising the question taking limit from 50-70-90-120-140 and so on. Progressive Elaboration, as they would say.


During exam, after completing 50 qstns, you may think of taking a break of 4-5 minutes. You may also think of  washing/sprinkling water on your face, a bit on head, relax, come back and think of starting from scratch.


In the meantime, am sure your prepartions are fine and now start relaxing a bit. Go for long walks. Take your adorable kids with you. And please do not forget to Njoi.... That, afterall, is the bottom line :) :) :)


Warmly, KK.....

You become impatient because you are at your home or at your favorite place, It’s a human psychology. You can NEVER create an exam centre at your home.

Concentrate on your effective mode of learning aspects instead of putting 4 hours in test. Don’t worry about the real exam, when you sit there, you will have in mind that “It’s the judgment day, either fight to win or face the consequence”. This real feeling will help you to concentrate and sit for 4 hours.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that what PMI also believes in. Never compare taking 200 test at home vs in prometric centre, both are altogether different place.

Krantikumar – Do not waste time in thinking for Ayurvedic treatment. You have your own brain inside your head, learn to convince and guide your own brain. No medicine or treatment can help here.

Saket, PMP

Aye, Aye SS :)