5Ps after 2 fail attempts, lessons learned

This exam comes down to training your brain to think the way of the PMP exam.

I cannot stress how important it is to just crank through as many practice problems as possible while learning WHY you got questions wrong.

I did every single one of these questions:


Yes, it costs money, but it's cheap compared to so many other options out there.

Work hard, brothers and sisters.  It will all be over soon :)


 Wow 5P!! That's almost unheard of! Way to go!

Thank you!

Having the support of my brothers and sisters on this forum have without a doubt helped me as well.

Take care!

 5P's after 2 failed attempts is simply amazing. Just shows your determination and willingness to accept failures and try again and again. Congrats and you should be a role model for all those who fail.




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I have received many messages asking for what else I used to prepare, but this was basically it.  Lots and lots of practice.

Great to hear that those of you doing the practice problems are seeing the results you want - keep up the good work!

Good luck, everyone!

I have received quite a few messages regarding my study method, and while I do appreciate the messages, I simply don't have time to answer them all individually.  The study material above is basically all I used.  This exam takes time and practice.  The practice will train your brain to think like an exam author.

Best of luck.

Love this guide.  Really does "train the brain" on how to handle these problems. 

Thanks for sharing too!


I have you to thank! - KILLED the exam!


My coworker got a really good score as well using this study method.

bump for inspiration for the fellow who posted about failing twice and being afraid for the third time. 

I was in your shoes, and know how incredibly stressful it is.  You can do it, brother.  Don't give up.  Keep practicing until you're clearing 85+% on practice exams.

bump for those who have private messaged me

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To succeed in the IELTS exam, a candidate has to know the test pattern and the particular techniques for answering questions.
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