56% in Oliver Lehmann – 75Q

I am quite upset. I had given the test of Oliver Lehmann – 75Q. I got only 56%.


Anyone who had given this test can share experience. Please

Don’t be that upset Rajesh, you could not secure good in Oliver Mock Test and not PMP. I never advice people to go by my choice as there are no fix rules to study and pass PMP. Do two things now:

1. Try the FREE options I have in my list and see how you are securing in these. Ignore the one you have already tried. Judge and decide yourself if you need to purchase any one of them. Do not ask others, make your own decisions and be firm with your decision.
Oliver Lehmann – 75Q
PMPForSure – 50Q
SkillSign – 50Q
ExamCentral – 200Q
Headfirst – 200Q
PMStudy Free – 200Q
ExamCentral – 200Q
PMZilla – 25Q

2. See people PMP passing success story, what they referred, which all test they tried etc

Wish you all the best for the PMP exam.



How do you rate:


2. Andy Final test

3. Headfirst.

I have scored 84%,90% and 83% respectively in the above 3. But could score about 60% in Oliver,PMZilla and Kim Heldman tests.




One quick question…Did you also try Rita Fast Track, if yes how is your score there?

80% + in above 3 is good. 60% in Pmzilla and Oliver is also good…..I see you are going good friend. Also try the other missing one, they are all FREE so don’t worry about any perks from your pocket. :)

Concentrate a lot on IITO now and make sure you read last summery pages of PMBOK many times.


 Hi Saket,

I scored about 60% in 25 questions of Rita Fast Track. I also see there is 200 questions in SuperPMP, have not try that yet, there also KA and PG wise questions as well. When tried PMP set twice I got almost same set of 25 questions so I started wondering if I have the right copy.

Yes, I realise that I need to concentrate more on ITTO but simply reading those has not helped me much because when these scenario questions attack in the exam then I forgot those ITTOs. I also bought iPhone game for ITTO but has not helped much. Could you please give me tips how to focus on ITTO more ?


I would say, practice little more friend, 60% in Rita is little less with the benchmark I use. It should be like 70%.


Friend, IITO is base of PMP exam. You have to discover your own ways as per your memory nature. There are some techniques that you might try:

1.       Learn the IITO i.e. memorize like a tonic.

2.       Take IITO like game and play it….you will learn it automatically.

3.       Practice lots of IITO based questions. There are some mock test providers that focus on IITO too much, try them.  Practice makes a man perfect.

4.       Most effective way – FIND OUT YOUR OWN WAYS!

As I say, every human has different nature and hence check yourself what suits you the best.

Saket, PMP


 Another source of questions is PMPQ Lite with 100 free exam questions: www.pmtraining.es/PMPQeng.htm

Best regards