5 P's - Passed PMP- 30th July

Thanks to Pmzilla and all its members for their valuable guidance, tips and LL's.

Since I have gained so much from this forum , now its my duty to give something back, so here are my LL's:

My Preparation Time: 
3 months
Weekdays: 3 hours
Weekends: 8 hours
4 days before exam: More than 10 hours
I felt the first 70 questions were relatively easier than the ones that followed later. The last 30 questions or so were also relatively easier.
Many scenario based questions of what to do next. Specially if change has happened, about to happen, change has been suggested/requested.
Questions from Quality. Most of them involving which quality tool to use in which situation.
Monitoring and Controlling Risk questions.
Procurement- Focus on close procurements and which contract to use in which situation.
Conflict resolution techniques.
Network diagram questions- Not very tough.
EV,CV, EAC,ETC questions- Straightforward easy questions. But these do contain extra data too.
I took 3 breaks of 5 minutes each and finished the exam when 45 minutes were left. I had 25 questions to review which I reviewed and then submitted the exam.
After those agonising minutes of watching the white screen I saw Congratulations!!!!
I was so relieved and elated that for initial few minutes I did not even saw and realised that I got 5 P's.
Mock Exams:
Pmstudy is closest to the actual exam. The real exam is 10%-15% difficult than these mock exams.
I felt Head First questions are also good to clear the concepts.
Rita Fastrack questions are good to make you accustomed to lengthy questions that have lots of information that is not required. You need to find the correct keywords from these questions to answer them correctly.
Scordo is also a must because it has questions that can be linked to PMBOK directly.
At last, I would like to say that exam is not tough if you have read and "understood" Pmbok. It surely is the bible and your golden key to pass the exam. Do not skip any topic , paragraph or line. 
All the best to PMP aspirants... keep studying and belive me, PMP is crackable and can be done by YOU also. Best of luck.


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~ Diba

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 5P ! congratulations. Do keep helping some folks here with your knowledge.

 Definitely, I am always open to anyone who needs guidance to clear this prestigious exam.