5 days left in exam - what the most focus area

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5 days left in exam - what is the most focus area, average mock/exam result is above 60%, already read Head first, PMBOK, RITA. maths result 70% (scribd)

shall i more focus on ITTO and Maths

which area give more attention to get better better exam result

BR, Emma


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 ITTO and Math may not be critical mass, not more than 30 questions on these according to me. You should focus on topics where you generally get your answers wrong , make them your focus areas. Read through the notes (Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair) and other notes here on PMZilla and see if there are any gaps.

Thank you very much admin

 Concentrate on closing. Closing questions are pretty tricky and i've seen many people scoring good in others but bad in Closing.

If not I and O concentrate on TT's. 

Your preparation is quite good enough. Ensure to get sufficient rest before the exam.




Hi Rajesh

Thank you,

agree with your suggestion, as myself closing area need more concentration

BR, Emma