47 PMP Processes

I am already working on the 5th edition exam. I already memorized the 47 processes below. Can you please check if the sequence of the processes is correct?

47 PM Processes:

1.    Develop Project Charter
2.    Identify Stakeholders
3.    Develop Project Management Plan
4.    Plan Scope Management
5.    Collect Requirements
6.    Define Scope
7.    Create WBS
8.    Plan Schedule Management
9.    Define Activities
10.  Sequence Activities
11.  Estimate Activity Resources
12.  Estimate Activity Durations
13.  Develop Schedule
14.  Plan Cost Management
15.  Estimate Costs
16.  Determine Budget
17.  Plan Quality Management
18.  Plan Human Resource Management
19.  Plan Communications Management
20.  Plan Risk Management
21.  Identify Risks
22.  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
23.  Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
24.  Plan Risk Responses
25.  Plan Procurement Management
26.  Plan Stakeholder Management
27.  Direct and Manage Project Work
28.  Perform Quality Assurance
29.  Acquire Project Team
30.  Develop Project Team
31.  Manage Project Team
32.  Manage Communications
33.  Conduct Procurements
34.  Manage Stakeholder Engagement
35.  Monitor and Control Project Work
36.  Perform Integrated Change Control
37.  Validate Scope
38.  Control Scope
39.  Control Schedule
40.  Control Costs
41.  Control Quality
42.  Control Communications
43.  Control Risks
44.  Control Procurements
45.  Control Stakeholder Engagement
46.  Close Project or Phase
47.  Close Procurements

Which should come first, Close Procurements or Close Project/Phase? In Rita's, Close Procurements should come first before Close Project or Phase.

Any comments?


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 Close Procurements should be before close Project. Since once you have closed project you have released team and you cannot do procurement closure activities after that.