4500 hours pm experience in how many minimum years for graduate

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I have read the 4500 hours pm experience in 3 years for graduate. I have completed this 4500 hours experience in 2.75 years at current employer. At previous employer I have 4 years of pm experience.


Can I include only current employer for 2.75 years experience with 4500 hours pm experience. Or I will have to include previous employer to fulfil 3 years experience.   


There are 2 requirements for PMP -

- Project Management Experience
- 35 hours of Project Management Education

Regarding Project Management Experience - You need 4500 hrs of experience if you have done 4 years of degree (bachelors degree or equivalent). Other wise if you have a diploma of equivalent then you need 7500 hrs of experience.

The PM experience should be in a leading & directing role. So, PM role is must before doing PMP. However, PM role is not equivalent to PM designation/title. PM role means that you should have managed full or part of a project. Your role in the project could be of vendor management, team management, client management etc. The projects could be related to any industry. They could be big or small, technical or non-technical etc.

You can read more about the details of 4500 hours of experience here - questions on PMP requirements

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Thanks for reply.

As per handbook, Minimum three years/36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing the project*

As 4 year graduate and at current employer I have PM controlling leading level experience of 4500 hours during 2.75 years. Do I have to complete 3 years at current employer.  Or I should include projects from previous employer as I  had around 5 years PM experience at previous employer.