42 PMBOk Processes X 79 RITA Processes = Pass the Exam

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 Attached here is the link to My LL with a guide that I mentioned before on how to memorize RITA's Processes and Understand them to pass the exam.


On the 1st page of your PDF document, you have PLANNING 5856.

But, on page 3 where you list out the Planning processes you have 5865.

Not to be negative, but what value does it bring by knowing how many processes there are by using the phone number technique ?  For example, the exam doesn't ask how many processes are there in the Project Scope Management knowledge are.

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 Yah Thanks thats a typo and I will fix it. 

The purpose of my LL's is to ease the understanding and memorization (if desired) for those who are having troubles with answering long situational Questions. 
The key to answering any situational question is to know in which KA, PG and process their situation is placed. 
so an easy Example would be: 
Q: In a team meeting a team member argues that the quality standards that we are using are not sufficiant and ...... than the Question goes on?
A: Usually you will need to know that this is a "meeting" occuring in the execution because PMI will suggest you have done proper Project mgmt and Quality management planning and the team members input may or may not be an issue.
Q2: A PM has created a WBS, defined Activities, created a schedual network diagram, Estimiated Activities Resources-Time-Cost what is the next thing to do? 
A Develop Schedual
B Determine Budget
C Finalize Requirements
D Create the Critical Path 
Answer is : (D) Create the critical Path 
To summarize: 
studying PMP without a road map engraved in your mind will cause you to waste time in solving questions because your trying to recall where you are.